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About Me[edit]

I have a Ph.D. in Arabic Linguistics from Georgetown University. My research focus is the sociolinguistics of Tunisian Arabic, and I'm also interested in the syntax and description of Tunisian Arabic. I'm also a translator; I did the English translation of Shukri Mabkhout's novel The Italian, along with my co-translator, Miled Faiza. and we working on Amira Ghnayim's novel Calamity, which will be published in 2024. I am also interested in lexicography and was lead reviewing editor of the Oxford Arabic Dictionary.

My goal in editing Wikipedia is to improve the publicly-available knowledge on subjects that I care about.

Current editing interests[edit]

  • Tunisian Arabic
  • Tunisian Arabic (Derja) authors
  • Tunisian women writers
  • Tunisian authors who write in Arabic
  • Arab women writers


Tunisian Arabic (Derja) writers[edit]

Pri Name Page Photo Bio Works Prizes Task1 Task2 Task3
3 Bousselmi, Dhia – translator
4 Charfeddine, Amira – novelist
1 Fazaâ, Faten – novelist
2 Ezzine, Anis – novelist
5 Mastoura, Majd, actor and translator add § derja writing
2 Youssef Chahed (writer)
1 Derja Association (draft)

Tunisian women writers[edit]

Priority Name Page Photo Bio Works Prizes Task1 Task2 Task3
1 Alia Tabaï / ‘Alyā’ al-Tābi‘ī, novelist
1 Amel Mokhtar / Āmāl Mukhtār, novelist
1 Messaouda Boubaker (1954- ), novelist and short story writer - -
1 Fethia Hechmi / Fatḥiyya al-Hāshimī (b. 1955)
Amel Moussa, poet and journalist
Rachida el-Charni (1967- ), novelist and short story writer
Lamia Makaddam, poet
Ḥafīẓa Qārah Bībān (b. 1951) / bint al-Bahr
Āmna al-Ramīlī al-Waslātī (b. 1958)
Ines Abassi (1982- ), poet
Faouzia Aloui (1958- ), poet and short story writer
Hind Azouz (1926-2015), writer
Hélé Béji (1948– ), novelist and essayist in French
Fatma Ben Mahmoud, poet and fiction writer
Noura Bensaad, novelist and short story writer
Fadela Echebbi (1946- ), poet
Houyem Ferchichi, literary journalist and short story writer
Reem Gomri, poet
Sophie el Goulli (1932– ), novelist and art historian
Gisèle Halimi (1927– ), lawyer, feminist activist and essayist
Sabiha Al Khemir (1959- ), writer and illustrator
Laïla Koubaa
Besma Maroueni, poet
Jamila Mejri (1951– ), poet
Samar Samir Mezghanni
Amina Saïd (1953– ), poet
Fawzia Zouari, writer and journalist

Arab women writers[edit]

Pri Name Page Photo Bio Works Task1 Task2 Task3
Inaya Jaber (1948- ), poet, short story writer and journalist
Hanan al-Shaykh, novelist - - - - improve sourcing works formatting

Modern Tunisian writers[edit]

Pri Name Page Photo Bio Works Prizes Task1 Task2 Task3
1 Moncef Ouahibi (1949- ), poet
1 Albert Memmi (1920- ), writer and essayist - - - - clean up sources
1 Ali Douagi sources c/e
1 Taht Essour (Under the Wall Group) -
1 'Izz al-Dīn al-Madanī (1938- ), playwright and short story writer
1 Abdelaziz El Aroui trans Ar
1 Kamel Riahi, novelist and critic sources c/e
1 Bashir Khrayyef (1917–1983), writer and teacher trans fr wiki trans ar wiki
1 Shukri Makhbout (1962– ), novelist and academic - add trans info add § The Italian
1 Mahmud al-Mis'adi (1911– ), novelist and playwright organize page add info from Allen + srcs
1 Hassouna Mosbahi (1950- ), novelist and short story writer add info on trans
Saghir Oulad Ahmed (1955-2016), poet
Mohamed Aribi, novelist & member of the Under the Wall group
Hassan Ben Othman (1959- ), novelist and short story writer
Rafik Ben Salah (1948– ), novelist
Claude Bénady (1922– ), poet
Nouredine Betayeb (1967- ), poet and journalist
Slaheddine Bhiri (1947– ), novelist and poet
Salah Eddine Boujah
Saleh al-Dames, novelist and short story writer
Anis Debeche (1984– ), zoologist, novelist and academic
Hafedh Djedidi (1953– ), poet and novelist
Miled Faiza (1974- ), poet and translator
Mustapha Fersi (1931-2008), novelist and playwright
Adam Fet’hi, poet and translator
Salah Garmadi (1933–1982), linguist and poet
Moncef Ghachem (1946– ), poet
Muhammad al-Mukhtar Jannat (1930- ), novelist and short story writer
Muhyi al-Din Khrayyif (1932– ), poet
Mansour M’henni, poet and journalist
Fawzi Mellah (1946– ), playwright and novelist
Moncef Mezghanni (1954- ), poet and children's writer
Mohamed Moncef Metoui (1943– ), playwright, director and novelist
Chams Nadir (1949– ), novelist and short story writer
Ryvel, pseudonym of Raphael Levy (1898–1972), writer and journalist

Other Arabic literature topics[edit]