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I'm slow with tools and technology; happy with a blue pencil. Enjoy copy-editing, adding useful content, improving articles and tracking vandalism. Particular interests include English literature- and language-related subjects. I like to help out sometimes at the reference desks and helpdesks, and I enjoy researching. I try not to bite, and am happy to help new users if I can, although my knowledge of Wikipedia is by no means comprehensive and I'm still learning myself. Wikipedia:Don't be a dick sums it up nicely. I prefer a minimal use of the Oxford comma unless context dictates otherwise.

Good faith is a good thing.

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This lovely toolbox format was shamelessly stolen from the page of User:CanadianLinuxUser, and helps me find my way around. He credits it to User:Fuhghettaboutit, who obviously did all the tedious formatting stuff that I could easily have done if I'd wanted. Really. Honest.