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Kari Nokela's personal history up to year 2015[edit]

  • Born 24-05-1960 Kuopio, Finland
  • Normal childhood up to year 1982. Maybe a bit too much sadness in life?
  • Learned transcendental meditation 1982. Since that TM has been the "salt" of his life.
  • Learned Vedic astrology and Ayurveda as taught by Maharishi organization soon after learning TM.
  • Graduated Master's degree (FK in Finland) 1987 from University of Kuopio, Physics, medical electronics, some medical studies too.
  • Since that has worked mostly as a teacher of mathematics in middle level schools.
  • From 2003 to 2015 suffered from a difficult disease.

Kari Nokela's personal history after 2015[edit]

  • From 2015 Nokela worked as "volunteer" Vedic astrologer via facebook and messenger preparing astrological predictions and advices to poor Indian persons, who had no money for local astrologers.
  • Started to study as Ayurveda consultant systematically at 2017.
  • Nokela's personal spiritual and physical progress started to speed up significantly at about 2016-2017 and nowadays he takes sometimes even 15 hour working days.
  • Nowadays Nokela works mostly with computer giving people ayurvedic and Jyotish -based advices and editing his "masterpiece" -netside, which tries to tell scientists, that many alternative medicine variables can be scientifically proven by using ECG HRV -technology. HRV means heart rate variability. Nowadays also some other scientists have published works supporting this claim. Ayurveda has mostly been the highlighted alternative medicine practise studies so far.