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My real name is Spencer Alexander McDaniel. I am highly knowledgeable about ancient history, literature, mythology, religion, and languages, but I am not a professional scholar in any of those subject areas. I first started editing here at Wikipedia in December of 2016 and I have been editing continuously ever since. I am one of the main contributors to articles about ancient Greek and Near Eastern religion, philosophy, and literature and largely single-handedly wrote many of the articles about ancient Sumerian mythology.

In addition to editing Wikipedia, I also have my own website, where I write articles, mainly about the ancient world. I am also writing a novel, which I intend to eventually publish. I intend to hopefully one day earn a PhD in the classics and become a classics professor.

My username is a reference to "κατολοφύρομαι," which is the first word of the first stasimon from Orestes by Euripides. It is the present-tense, middle voice, first-person singular form of the ancient Greek verb meaning "I cry out in lamentation." The reason I chose this word for my username is because the Wikipedia article for the ancient Greek musical composition preserved in Vienna Papyrus G 2315 is entitled "Katolophyromai," which I thought was the most hilarious title for a Wikipedia page ever.

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Wikipedia is an encyclopedia written in the same, long, venerable tradition as Pliny the Elder's Natural History from nearly two thousand years ago. (That is why, like Pliny, we have an article about giant, furry ants in India that dig for gold, because everyone knows those are totally real!)

People have a lot of misconceptions about what Wikipedia is. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. Anyone can contribute to Wikipedia, but you cannot just write whatever you want. Many people come to Wikipedia expecting it to be an environment similar to Reddit or the YouTube comments section where they can voice whatever crank nonsense conspiracy theories they have come up with; they are inevitably shocked to discover that Wikipedia is nothing at all like those platforms. Here on Wikipedia, reliable sources mean everything. We report what the reliable sources say without our own spin and without giving undue weight to fringe theories. In other words, we just report what mainstream scholars have already written.