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Background information
Birth nameKudret Bayram
GenresPop, Rock
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, audio engineer, record producer, drummer, guitarist, keyboard player
Years active2004–present


Kay.K.BayZ (born 4th August, 1980) is an Australian pop/rock singer, songwriter, audio engineer and record producer. His latest work, “Make Me Wanna Scream” was completed in 2006. He has a friend named Metin. Metin is awesome!

Growing Up[edit]

Kay.K was born in Melbourne, Australia. At 3 years of age his family moved overseas to Cyprus where they could be closer to relatives. After finding it difficult to get used to the slow island life of Cyprus they eventually returned home to Australia four years later in 1987. As a result, with no english, Kay.K's first years of primary school were difficult.

Kay.K’s father was a singer / drummer and released two albums in the 1970’s that made the top 10 on overseas radio charts. It was for this reason that Kay.K got an early start with music. At 3 years of age Kay.K was belting it out on the drum kit, at 7 singing along to tunes with his dad's band and at 10 taking a real interest for the keyboard. It wasn't until his own band came together that he had discovered his songwriting talents. Having taken up the guitar as well, he had the freedom to express himself musically. Still only 16 years old.

Performing live with 6hr Sundae 2005

His Band: 6hr Sundae ( 6 Saat )[edit]

6hr Sundae continues to play a big role in Kay.K’s life. He and three friends started the band in 1992 and have been writing and recording tunes together ever since. The band now has 5 members. Their album “Don’t Jenny” was taken on by independent label On Air Music and released in Turkey in May 2006. 6hr Sundae ( 6 Saat ) continues to write, perform and tour regularly and have recently begun to record their second album.


Kay.K finished VCE (High School) in 1997 and auditioned for Bachelor of Music/Arts at Monash University, Diploma of Music Performance at Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE and an Advanced Diploma in Sound Engineering at the Box Hill College of Music. He was accepted into all three courses but decided to further his education at Box Hill where he won a scholarship in his first year. At the beginning of his second year he enrolled in another three year Bachelor of Information Systems degree course at La Trobe University. He continued both schools simultaneously and completed all schooling by 2003.

"Make Me Wanna Scream" Album Cover 2007

“Make Me Wanna Scream”[edit]

In 2006 Kay.K began to compile many years of songwriting and producing. His ability to play drums, bass, guitar and keyboard are one of the reasons his music covers a range of styles. This in combination with his R'n'B vocal quality have created something special. “Make Me Wanna Scream” was performed, engineered and produced by Kay.K in his homeland of Australia.