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Hello, I am the former Regional Ambassador for the South East and also a trained Campus Ambassador for WCU, AB-Tech and UNCA. Although I currently reside in Western North Carolina, I am happy to help and talk with anyone needing assistance regardless of your location. If I can't help you with your problem or question, I will put you in touch with a person that can! Feel free to just drop me a line and chat as well! I Recently graduated from Western Carolina MPA program focusing on Environmental Policy. In 2010 I received a degree from the University of North Carolina Asheville in Political Science. I have course work in a Ph.D in Environmental Policy and Political Science from Colorado State University with sub focuses on campaign financing, alternative energy policy and interests in solving cultural diversity issues here in the United States. I currently teach Political Science, at Asheville Buncombe Community College, UNC Asheville and assist our school in all their Wikipedia needs.

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Conferences I have Attended[edit]

Kasey Baker Presents in D.C.

Articles I have written[edit]

Nuclear energy policy of the United States

Current rating: [|Class B]

DYK Accepted: "Did you know that although the nuclear policy of the United States regulates the nuclear energy industry more strictly than most others, there have been 52 incidents (pictured) costing an estimated $8.56 billion?"

DYK for Nuclear Policy of the United States[edit]

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Here are the links to the main citation templates for people:

There are more, but those are the ones I use the most. I recommend keeping the body of the article clean of reference code, and thus using list defined references (LDR). (This results in all references being listed under the "References" section.) You may use your own article as an example. When books or large sources are used, I usually create a "Literature cited" subsection under "References" and list these large sources there, while also using the ref = harv parameter in the citation templates. This allows me to use more advanced references (call "short footnotes") for those sources. The template for short footnotes is:

to have your page rated, add this: Brackets2x - Category:Article Feedback Pilot - 2xBrackets

And as always, I strongly recommend archiving your online sources (excluding Google Books and the like) on something like WebCite (see this). Hope this helps.

A lecture I might give at WikiMania in Hong Kong

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