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Regarding your userboxes

UBXThe more userboxes you have, the less likely I'll read any of them.

About me

My name is Kris.

I joined Wikipedia February 23, 2005, and became an Admin on June 17, 2005.

I take wikibreaks from time to time, and happen to be on one now.

I don't call attention to edit conflicts. I just reload and paste.

I am a Master Editor IV, otherwise known as "Looshpah Laureate of the Encyclopedia" (Yay), and if you're keeping track, a WikiElf.

I'm an admin

I'm also human. Sometimes I make mistakes. If you have a problem with something I've done, do me a favor and talk to me about it. And when I say talk, I mean talk. I understand you may be upset, but saying I'm abusive, or a vandal, or yelling at me just might be the wrong way to resolve the situation. Thanks.

I don't check my email that often, and I can't check it from work (when I'm usually editing). If you need to contact me, you can do so via my talk page.

My bot

Is User:Kbdankbot. You can leave messages for it on my talk page.

Words of wisdom[edit]

  • It takes a real knucklehead to keep doing something long after everyone has told you to knock it off. User:Cyde [1]
  • The louts may think they own the place, but in the end they don't, and the people who are prepared to put the time, money and effort into building the neighbourhood should get more consideration than those who view it only as a venue for their own selfish pleasure. User:JzG [2]
  • But that you guys would see fit to block Zenwhat indefinitely and then hold the hand of many of the other argumentative weirdos that use Wikipedia as their personal playground for disruption is beyond me. User:ScienceApologist [3]
  • There were a hundred ways to make your point that would not have been disruptive or rude or personal attacks - you have no entitlement or right to try and make the point in disruptive and rude ways. When you feel that you do have an entitlement to do that, you are abusing the community, and when you abuse the community you are making yourself unwelcome. ... You know what behaviors are not disruptive. Nobody is censoring the viewpoint you want to express. But if you cannot express it in a manner that is positive rather than abusive, you will be shown the door. User:Georgewilliamherbert [4]
  • Categories are important because they function to classify the subjects of articles—they appear with an even greater claim of factuality and objectivity than the content of articles. They should be limited to what is somehow integral to understanding a subject, rather than something that simply happens to be true about it. Trivial information can be buried at the bottom of an article with no problem, but trivial categories bury the article itself. User:Postdlf [5]
  • As the CfD guidelines clearly state, a CfD discussion is not a vote. Consensus can be wrong. The consensus among the handful of people who vote in a given discussion can fail to be in line with the greater consensus and precedent behind Wikipedia's project goals and guidelines. User:Doczilla [6]
  • Fifty people giving foolish reasons do not make consensus. User:DGG [7]
  • Well, I think it is quite appropriate to cite policy, tradition, and precedent with reference to specific cases. I also think it is inappropriate to treat each new specific case as being unique without reference to those long established principles. User:Jimbo Wales [8]
  • Different tools for different purposes. You can drive a nail with a wrench, but anyone who doesn't see that a hammer is better is not fit to be carpenter. User:Friday [9]
  • I think we really need to much more strongly insist on a pleasant work environment and ask people quite firmly not to engage in that kind of sniping and confrontational behavior. We also need to be very careful about the general mindset of "Yeah, he's a jerk but he does good work". The problem is when people act like that, they cause a lot of extra headache for a lot of people and drive away good people who don't feel like dealing with it. Those are the unseen consequences that we need to keep in mind. User:Jimbo Wales [11]
  • My advice here is to ignore his incivility and direct your comments only at his arguments. "Kill 'em with kindness", as they say. Only respond to the arguments he raises that are directly relevant to the discussion. Don't bother to comment about the tone of his remarks, or waste your time on telling him your opinion of him. He certainly already knows. :) If you find yourself being provoked, leave your computer for a while and cool down. Then, when you're cool, go back and write a response. Make it as complimentary as you can. See Wikipedia:Writing for the enemy for something related. But basically, don't let yourself get angry. User:Aervanath [12]
  • a dogmatist being someone who asks "Does this conform to the rules?" rather than "Is this useful?" User:Ed Fitzgerald [13]
  • I think some people have the idea that "civility" means saying "fuck you" in 2000 words rather than in 2. User:Jpgordon [14]

And some funny stuff too[edit]

  • not to be a dick or anything (not that it's ever stopped you before) User:EVula [15]
  • Hey, maybe we should check with the German Wikipedia -- I bet they'd just throw two nouns & three adjectives together and, presto!, they've got just the word they're looking for! :) User:Cgingold [17]
  • I know zilch about the subject and wouldn't trust Wikinews to tell me the time User:Iridescent [18]
  • Forget jimboship, I want the power to make turtles. And not in that kinky "turtle-breeder" sort of way either. Who has that kind of time? User:Philippe [21]
  • I've never voted neutral myself; how does it feel? Is it true it's like kissing your sister? User:Barneca [22]
  • Let's remember this thread next time somebody yells "OMG plz subtract their user-rights" every time a logged-in user using huggle/twinkle/fickle/boggle/smuggle/wrinkle/flügel/scroogle/wriggle/burgle/shruggle/bugle/sniggle/fondle/juggle/gaggle/whatever abusively. User:CharlotteWebb [25]
  • PLEASE DO NOT maliciously reverse the edits of another user and vandalize their talkpage. this is a community, not a crazy den of pigs. User:Smith Jones [26]
  • You should submit another RfA, Malleus, for fun. You know, like taking a cheese grater to your nipples sort of fun. User:Tanthalas39 [28]

Bookmarks I don't need to watch[edit]

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