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Note: I encourage you to edit my user page if you think there's something else people should know about me, or simply to correct an error.

Keenan Pepper is a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay area. He is from Tallahassee, Florida where he got his undergrad degree (physics and math) from Florida State University. He moved to Berkeley, California in 2009 and got his masters degree in Physics from University of California, Berkeley.

One of Keenan's two major hobbies is playing Balinese gamelan music with Gamelan Sekar Jaya. Sometimes he gets a craving for kotekan which just can't be denied. Keenan also enjoys many other kinds of music, especially those that use tunings other than the Western standard of 12-tone equal temperament.

Keenan's other major hobby is hang gliding with the Berkeley Hang Gliding Club.

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