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Administrator-y stuff

Me becoming an admin by 'crat WJBscribe
My Deletion & Undeletion log
My Block & Unblock log
My Protection & Unprotection log
General disclosure. For reasons of privacy (mostly mine, partly yours) this admin is not available by email. Is not now, nor ever will be. In short, what happens on Wiki stays on Wiki. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. There are millions[dubious ] of admins that may still be able to assist you off-wiki, otherwise leave me a message here. Don't worry, it is impossible to insult me and I've nothing to hide (except of course my RL - ID):-) Cheers, Keeper.

Admin stats

Admin statistics
Action Count
Edits 18635
Edits+Deleted 19878
Pages deleted 3454
Pages restored 80
Pages protected 68
Pages unprotected 12
Protections modified 11
Users blocked 90
Users unblocked 14
User rights modified 22
Users created 1