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    "Our work together here should be our armor, not some sharp, angry, burning sword. I would strongly recommend that everyone here find an article to work on for a while; not the cliche "random article", but something that gives you a nice tug at the heartstrings. It feels great to be out there doing work on something you genuinely care about, and I assure you it'll help you regain the sense of why you're here." -User:The Blade of the Northern Lights
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    Hi! I'm Emily Temple-Wood, known as Keilana around here. (Just because I get asked sometimes, it's pronounced "Kay-lah-nah" or "Kay", not "Key".) I've been around the project since April 2007, and came back from a decently long hiatus in 2012. I'm an administrator—I passed RfA in November 2007 and January 2008—but I don't use the tools much anymore. I have developed a kit for running anti-systemic bias workshops at institutions and am always looking for feedback and/or thoughts from people who have used it! I write mainly about women scientists and women's health, through WikiProject Women Scientists and WikiProject Women's Health. Systemic bias threatens our projects in a very real, imminent way. I've written some articles on history, astronomy, women scientists, medicine, and some other stuff that I've forgotten. (Barbara McClintock was super cool tho, go read about her instead of me.)

    Sleeping is one of my favorite pastimes.

    In real life, I have a bachelor's degree in molecular biology from Loyola University Chicago, and a D.O. from Midwestern University; I am a resident physician in Family Medicine at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. I've spent time as a medical assistant and EMT-B as well. My research during undergrad was in Drosophila developmental biology, focusing on gonadal and nervous system morphogenesis. I'm busy (see: resident) but will do my best to get back to you with anything you need.

    My edits under this account are not connected to any of my employers, educational institutions, or any of the affiliates to which I belong (Wikimedia DC, WikiProject Med Foundation, WikiWomen's User Group).