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For Fans of Nate[edit]

Admissible decision rule
An Essay towards solving a Problem in the Doctrine of Chances
Approximate Bayesian computation
Aumann's agreement theorem
Averaged one-dependence estimators
Base rate
Bayes classifier
Bayes error rate
Bayes estimator
Bayes factor
Bayes linear statistics
Bayes' rule
Bayes' theorem
Bayesian additive regression kernels
Bayesian approaches to brain function
Bayesian average
Bayesian econometrics
Bayesian experimental design
Bayesian game
Bayesian inference
Bayesian information criterion
Bayesian linear regression
Bayesian multivariate linear regression
Bayesian probability
Bayesian search theory
Bayesian statistics
Bayesian vector autoregression
Bernoulli distribution
Bernstein–von Mises theorem
Beta distribution
Beta-binomial distribution
Binomial distribution
Calibrated probability assessment
Checking whether a coin is fair
Chinese restaurant process
Conjugate prior
Conservatism (belief revision)
Credal network
Credal set
Credible interval
Cromwell's rule
Cutaneous rabbit illusion
Data assimilation
De Finetti's theorem
Deviance information criterion
Dirichlet distribution
Dirichlet process
Empirical Bayes method
Ensemble Kalman filter
Evidence under Bayes theorem
Expectation propagation
Expected value of sample information
Exponential distribution
Extrapolation domain analysis
Focused information criterion
Gamma distribution
Gaussian process emulator
GLUE (uncertainty assessment)
Graph cuts in computer vision
Graphical model
Hierarchical Dirichlet process
Imprecise probability
International Society for Bayesian Analysis
Inverse-gamma distribution
Inverse-Wishart distribution
Isotonic regression
Jeffreys prior
Kappa effect
Likelihood function
Marginal likelihood
Markov logic network
Maximum a posteriori estimation
Naive Bayes classifier
Nested sampling algorithm
Normal distribution
Normal-gamma distribution
Normal-inverse-Wishart distribution
Normal-Wishart distribution
Odds ratio
Pitman–Yor process
Poisson distribution
Posterior predictive distribution
Posterior probability
Precision (statistics)
Principle of maximum entropy
Prior probability
Prosecutor's fallacy
Random naive Bayes
Recursive Bayesian estimation
Reference class problem
Relevance vector machine
Robust Bayesian analysis
Sparse binary polynomial hashing
Speed prior
Strong prior
Tau effect
Variational Bayesian methods
Wishart distribution