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Category:Descriptions from Illustrations of Exotic Entomology to do AFP copyvios

Where: Cambridge, England


- What (1): Aircraft particularly those of World War II

Why (1): My father worked for Miles Aircraft and left me seven volumes of Aircraft of the Fighting Powers.

Created (1): Numerous articles and scanned photographs


What (2): Insects

Why (2): I found a way of photographing insects with a simple digital camera - and then bought a better camera! From there it is a natural progression to be interested in identification and classification. Many more photos can be seen at

Created (2): Articles: under Lepidoptera and elsewhere, and original photos

UK Subdivisions[edit]

What (3) UK Subdivisions - UK Subdivisions (Wales) - UK Subdivisions (Scotland) - UK Subdivisions (Northern Ireland)

Why (3) Parallels my long-running UK Local Government Information site.

Created (3):

Various articles and maps

Infoboxes on all UK districts & counties

UK and World Politics[edit]


Various articles on UK & European politicians and parties

Other Interests[edit]