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UH-13J Sioux
Role Utility helicopter
Manufacturer Bell
Introduction March 1957
Retired July 1967
Number built 2
Unit cost

The UH-13J was an Air Force version of the Bell Model 47J Jet Ranger helicopter specifically designed as the first presidential helicopter. Two were built, one becoming was the first helicopter to transport a U.S. president on 13 July, 1957.

Operational history[edit]

Two UH-13J's were purchased from Bell Helicopter in March 1957. They were specially modified versions of the Bell 47J Ranger, designed for use as the first presidential helicopters. On 13 July President Eisenhower became the first U.S. president to to fly in a helicopter, when he took off from the White House lawn in the first UH-13J.

On 1 March, 1962 the two aircraft were reassigned to Bolling Air Force Base on the outskirts of Washington D.C., where they were used for the next five years to transport high-ranking Department of Defense personnel and foreign dignitaries. They were retired in July 1967.


Both UH-13J's survive. They were transferred to museums upon retirement in July 1967.


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