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Watching a roller derby bout, as happy as a clam!
Roller derby pushes my buttons, and I happen to know what they are!
On a day hike up Table Rock the day before Easter 2011 wearing a plaid jacket and a Flower of Life t-shirt.

I am a Boisean with eclectic interests, an Episcopalian, a civil servant of Idaho, a long-time co-administrator of INFJ-L once upon a time (the oldest and second-largest mailing list for that Myers-Briggs personality type on the Internet), and an early lifetime LibraryCrack, err, LibraryThing member (I recently culled my library to just over 1200 books –but the numbers are slowly rising again, of course). I'm also a stalwart fan of roller derby and have edited its article extensively; politically I've been a "super-volunteer" for the 2008 Idaho for Obama campaign. More recently I've contributed heavily to the 2009 flu pandemic timeline. Just another geek!

Seriously, I'm a geek. I'm a nerd. I.e. I'm an idiosyncratic outlier; I let my freak flag fly! Qui me amat, amat canem meam —rara avis in terris nigroque simillima cycno. No one can accuse of flying under false colors. Cryptic, yes. False, no.

That said, ontologically I'm also notable just for being here, inasmuch as I was a preemie with a gestation period of 6 months, two weeks and a birthweight of 2 lbs. 9 oz. (1,162 grams) over half a century ago. Naturally, I support the March of Dimes.

More recently, due to a dust-up with my ISP, Cable One involving a peremptory DMCA takedown notice, their (admittedly) vague AUP, and fully-checked off Tor anonymity network exit nodes, I have joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is quite in keeping with my having been a card-carrying ACLU member once upon a time. Nowadays I run a high-speed Tor bridge relays; Neda shall not be forgotten. Heck, even Chinese World of Warcraft players have their franchise and moral petition, as the splendidly satirical War of Internet Addiction aptly demonstrates. I am very anti-river crab that way. Green Dam Youth Escort and its ilk? Screw 'em all! I get much of my news from Twitter and elsewhere on-line. As per Archilochus, I am far more fox than hedgehog.

While my sundry changes to Wikipedia are almost entirely stylistic, grammatical or just plain arcane (well, Lisa Bufano was a personal friend, and her article shall, I thank, have the most lasting benefit), I do have a few initiated articles to my name: National Interagency Fire Center, Nichi nichi kore ko nichi, Comprehensive metabolic panel (eventually a DYK), Agency for New Americans (a refugee agency in Boise with whom I have volunteered), Painted photography backdrops, One-Eyed Doll, the extreme performer and model Miss Crash, the international kiddie porn investigation Operation Delego, the bizarre Mosman Bomb Hoax, the unusual science documentary Death by Design/The Life and Times of Life and Times, the remarkable Dr. Jen Gunter (who alas was deemed not notable enough for Wikipedia, but you can follow her tweets @DrJenGunter), the Thunder Mountain Monument, the anti-SOPA Internet domain name registrar NameCheap, Censor bars, the Idaho Federation of Reagan Republicans, and Boise's own Treefort Music Fest. And British Muslim commentator Mohammed Ansar (alas deemed not notable, but the discussion was very interesting), and the grassroots CryptoParty, the influential constructivist French photojournalism magazine Vu, the Flashed Face Distortion Effect, the stealthy Internet censorship circumvention tool Flash proxy, the hip-hop artist Kalyn Heffernan, and Makankosappo, which must be seen to be believed. And Boise's own Freak Alley. And NUKEMAP And Operation Spade. And Qahera and USP Controlled Room Temperature, Syriyka, and the Idaho LGBT activist group Add The Words, amputee cross-fit athlete Krystal Cantu, and the immediate precursor to the current GamerGate article (which someone else brought back as a stub so they got credit). And the 2014 Ebola virus disease epidemic timeline. And Mr. Gnome. And Online Abuse Prevention Initiative. And Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory. And Anything To Say? And the Library Freedom Project. And Tabetha S. Boyajian, she of Tabby's star. And Tamango (Italian cocktail). And the Zika virus outbreak timeline. And the 2016 Ecuador earthquake. And Beyoncé's film Lemonade. And the FBI's Network Investigative Technique. And EgyptAir Flight 804. And Surel's Place. And the Visual Arts Collective (since deleted, alas). And the 2017 Korean Crisis. And Boise's own Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. Stay tuned...

I have a decided penchant for editing boldly (WP:BOLD). If you don't like a particular edit, make a case, but take note that I am a long-time fan of The Who, whose music has been likened to chamber music in the middle of a commando raid, so don't get your knickers in a twist despite my being a fan of the OODA loop and the indirect approach if you possibly can; I am very much an inclusionist and eventualist. Anal retentive types amuse me insofar as I am to them an outside context problem (a phrase I owe to the late, great science fiction space opera author Iain M. Banks). If I am the Mikhail Bakunin to your Karl Marx, pray note that the former has outlasted the latter; I make my case and stay out of the debris field. Threats of sanctions are moot -I've gotten plenty.

My paternal grandfather posing for a Wikipedia article in 1912.

My day job claim to fame back in the day is that I was the catalog editor at Blue Dove Press in San Diego for a couple of years (“Saints and Sages of the East and West”), so I would very much concur with Borges that Paradise shall be a kind of library. I have other ideas about Heaven too, but that said I've done a fair amount of editing and ghostwriting in my time. (I have been told that I'm an “interesting mix of the sacred and profane,” but personally I consider “vulgar and arcane” more accurate.)

I am happily running Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS (Precise Pangolin) Linux on whatever it deems to be the latest stable kernel, and fancy that if I were a programmer I'd be programming in Perl —if only because it looks like a cartoon character swearing.


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“Beam down
more redshirts.”
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