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About Me[edit]

Keith Engell

Born in the United States (Colorado) and currently living in Chicago. Attended university while living in Colorado at Colorado State University where I received a BS in Physics. Also received an education certificate for teaching secondary education (science).

Work Life[edit]

I started my working life early, around fourteen/fifteen in the Industrial Science area constructing residential and commercial buildings with my father and brothers. Later, as an undergraduate, at university I conducted Civil Engineering research. Once in the Physics program at CSU I conducted X-Ray crystallography experiments on Palladium Hydrides. Also, as an undergraduate, I worked at the then National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST) in Boulder Colorado. While at NIST I wrote particle simulations in FORTRAN to model the Solar Wind’s interaction with the Earth’s magnetosphere.

After receiving my undergraduate degree I taught Physics in one of the local High Schools. While teaching I discovered employment opportunities at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

I moved to Illinois to work at Fermilab. While working there I discovered that I was far more interested in writing software than running particle accelerators. I spent nine years at Fermilab and then moved on to writing software for the financial markets. First for FutureSource (, Oster-Dow Jones News and now for Townsend Analytics, Ltd. (

Really Cool Jobs I've had[edit]

  • Building scale models of cities, river basins and airports, flooding them and recording the data for Civil Engineers at CSU.
  • Operating and tuning the worlds highest energy partical accelerator: Tevatron
  • Writing software to control, at the sub-millimeter level, 8GeV proton beam: Fermilab's Main Injector
  • Writing software to control/monitor the worlds largest cryogenic system: Tevatron
  • Rebuilding/Rewritting the Oster-Dow Jones news database
  • Writing matching-engines for electronic trading