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    Hi, I am Kenneth. I am a fan of the game World of Tanks on the Ipad. 
    I am trying to support Wikipedia below(But I can only Edit):  
    1. Pages I am working on (You can help if you want): Visual Acuity, Wikipedia Ideas 
    2. Pages that need Help but I can't Fix It Myself (I need help fixing): Visual Acuity, Missouri,
    3. Pages I can't fix at all (You do It!): Krujë Castle, 2012 DBKL Youth Futsal League, Women's Suffrage
    4. Pages We can Support(Make it Better): Graham Cave State Park (what can we do there?),The Capital Restaurant(More Information)
    5. Good Articles: Pneumonia
    6. Featured Pages: Harriet Tubman
    If you can, add stuff to this list. Thanks for helping! :) 
    About me: I am Kenneth Nguyen. I was born on 2/12/03 and I live in California. Here are some facts about me.
    1. If you give me a barnstar or anything like that, I will try to give you something in return.
    2. My favorite color is blue.
    3. I am a boy.
    Don't mess around with this!
    Please sign my guestbook! I will sign yours, too!
    1. Signing for myself. Lol. Kenneth16622 (talk) 23:19, 23 December 2013 (UTC)
    Here,  you can just leave a nice message with ~ ~ ~ ~ (without spaces).
    My signature (I will resign every time I edit this page, and DO NOT TOUCH THIS): Kenneth16622 (talk) 01:34, 7 December 2015 (UTC)