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Kenneth Burke[edit]

Maze at the St. Louis Botanical Garden
  • Not to be confused with the lawyer from Belleville, IL (though it appears we went to the same college). When I signed up to Wikipedia, I really did not know Kenneth M Burke would be tagged to everything I did. I chose to sign up with my real name because I guess I simply do not understand pen names and multiple users. I certainly do understand user privacy, but I have no qualms in being who I am, Kenneth Burke.
  • Grammar: Nobody is perfect, and everyone can always benefit from a review: HyperGrammar & I simply like to copy edit.
  • Interests: "It is a curious aspect of our present day segregation of research," [1] but, generally, education, psychology, philosophy, philosophy of science, political economy, history, photography, literature, everything and anything interdisciplinary.


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