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Keolah is a complete and utter dork who lives in Eugene, Oregon. Theoretically she can also speak French and Spanish, but in practice while she can read many languages, she can speak them only very badly if at all.

Keolah is responsible for various non-noteworthy influences on the Internet, such as the contribution of multiple MUD codebases nobody uses, vast quantities of bad poetry, some crappy art that nobody really looks at, and a number of short stories and novels that nobody actually reads. She participates in National Novel Writing Month when she can be bothered, and writes primarily fanfiction these days. She enjoys speaking of herself in the third person.

She spends entirely too much time playing random games on the internet, such as Urban Dead. She gets annoyed every time she makes the mistake of looking at a Wikipedia discussion page. She also works on very pointless IRC bot far too much. She considers herself something of an expert in random name generators, which is probably not a subject that it is especially useful to be an expert thereof. One day she will probably write a computer program that will automatically write novels for her, at the rate she's going.

Suchi, a flame point Siamese. I miss him.