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Keresaspa is a Northern Ireland-based contributor to Wikipedia.

Keresaspa is my web name, shamelessly swiped from Iranian mythology (as a variation of Garshasp), and I discovered Wikipedia from a BBC TV show and am now addicted. I initially made posts without being a member but decided it was time to gain a little bit of wiki-recognition as something other than a number.

I have a BA in History and Politics and an MA in Comparative Ethnic Conflict. In January 2009 I graduated with a PhD on the topic of right wing extremism, so most of my posts are on that topic. My entire education has been at Queen's University, Belfast and I am Belfast born and bred. I went to the same school as Liam Neeson, although we missed each other by about 25 years!

My activity has been somewhat more sporadic recently due to other constraints on my time, not to mention a nagging feeling that Wikipedia is getting a bit too bogged down in arguments between contributors and too many rules, although sometimes I do have bursts of involvement. I have largely withdrawn from articles for deletion these days so if you nominate an article I've been closely involved with please let me know. In the past I have self-identified as an Inclusionist but these days I'm less committed to that position than I was in my earlier days. I do tend to favour inclusion in most cases but sometimes the notability bar does seem to be set a little bit lower than I personally feel it should be these days.

When I write I invariably use British English, although I have no problem with people changing it, particularly when I'm writing about North American topics (which I occasionally do). If you see spelling mistakes in my work, which you will, it is due to my being a poor typist rather than a poor speller although I see my role here as adding information and generally leave concerns about the mechanics of spelling and grammar to others. I am a big fan of redirects as they keep place tidy and prevent one-line entries to explain alternative names for things. Fortunately though my view on that score seems to prevail round these parts nowadays and redirects abound. If I could get rid of one thing from Wikipedia it would be the sections template as it takes about as long to add sections to an article yourself as it does to add this flaming lazy tag.

Three article errors guaranteed to grind my gears royally are the use of a subject's first name rather than their surname (save that for the fan sites), the use of crest when coat of arms or badge is meant (a veritable plague on football articles and one that is frequently justified on the basis that "it is commonly used" by editors who know the game but have zero knowledge of heraldry - "should of" is equally common but it is still an error) and the misplacing of the word former in the first line of an article ("Mr X is a former Belgian footballer" is wrong unless Mr X gave up being from Belgium when he packed in football).

Comments on editing and requests for help are always welcome although I am less inclined to get involved in controversies than I used to be as I just don't have the energy these days. Be advised as well that if you respond to a comment I've left somewhere there's every chance I might have forgotten about my initial comment and so not get back to you. As such don't interpret my silence as rudeness, sulking, acquiescence or my having been "pwned" as the most likely reason is pure forgetfulness. Equally, don't be surprised if I stumble upon your reply and attempt to reactivate the conversation a year or so later. Annoying, I know, but a quirk of mine nevertheless. I'm less likely to bother if you're an anonymous editor however as I would rather not deal with people who haven't the common decency to identify themselves.

What follows is some shameless self-promotion with a list of pages I have created. Please note that whilst I keep any eye on most of these pages from time to time I claim no ownership of them and take no responsibility for errors or opinions added to them by anyone but me. Indeed a few of them have become such POV battlegrounds that I've thrown my hands up and left them to the wolves as I just don't have the energy for that any more. I am however in the process of overhauling some of my earlier efforts that date back to Wikipedia's stone age when referencing was a nice extra rather than essential so patience is requested on that score as I have a lot to get through. Obviously if you want to help then a big well done to you.

Other than all that, I'm fairly easy-going increasingly curmudgeonly in my editing and I'm really just here for a bit of fun reasons I've long since forgotten.

Pages I Have Created[edit]



British right wing extremism - people[edit]

Ian Anderson (politician), Richard Barnbrook, Henry Hamilton Beamish, John Beckett (politician), Anthony Bennett (politician), Jane Birdwood, Baroness Birdwood, R.B.D. Blakeney, Patrick Boyle, 8th Earl of Glasgow, Andrew Brons, Ted Budden, Eddy Butler, Simon Darby, Françoise Dior, Jim Dowson, Henry Maxence Cavendish Drummond Wolff, Sharon Ebanks, Richard Edmonds, William Evans-Gordon, Sir Charles Forbes-Leith, 1st Baronet, Robert Forgan, Andrew Fountaine, Jeffrey Hamm, Anthony Hancock (publisher), Neil Francis Hawkins, Ray Hill, Derek Holland (activist), Jorian Jenks, David Kerr (Northern Irish politician), Arnold Leese, Rotha Lintorn-Orman, David McCalden, Michael McLaughlin, Tommy Moran, Eddy Morrison, John Morse (British politician), John O'Brien (UK politician), Roy Painter, Charles Parker (UK politician), Denis Pirie, Kevin Quinn (neo-Nazi), Anthony Reed Herbert, Robert Relf, Graham Seton Hutchison, Keith Thompson (politician), Alexander Raven Thomson, Martin Webster, Martin Wingfield

British right wing extremism - movements[edit]

Anti-Socialist Union, British Brothers League, British Democratic Party, British League of Ex-Servicemen and Women, British National Party (1960), British People's Party (1939), Constitutional Movement, Europe a Nation, Flag Group, Greater Britain Movement, Imperial Fascist League, International Third Position, League of Saint George, National Democratic Party (UK, 1966), National Fascisti, National Independence Party (UK), National Party (UK, 1976), National Socialist Action Party, National Socialist League, National Socialist Movement (UK, 1962), Nationalist Alliance, Official National Front, Political Soldier, Racial Preservation Society

Right-wing extremism in Eastern Europe[edit]


Bulgarian National Front, Ivan Dochev, National Social Movement (Bulgaria), Aleksandar Tsankov Staliyski, Union of Bulgarian National Legions


Ferdinand Ďurčanský, Alexander Mach, National Fascist Community, Karol Sidor, Slovak Brotherhood


Vilho Annala, Herman Gummerus, Vilho Helanen, Erkki Räikkönen‎, Bruno Salmiala, Elias Simojoki, Arne Somersalo


László Baky, István Balogh (politician), Zoltán Böszörmény, László Endre, Sándor Festetics, Hungarian National Defence Association, Hungarian National Socialist Party, Andor Jaross, Zoltán Meskó, Fidél Pálffy, Ferenc Rajniss


Elena Bacaloglu, Crusade of Romanianism, Lăncieri, National Agrarian Party (Romania), National-Christian Defense League, National Fascist Movement, National Italo-Romanian Cultural and Economic Movement, National Renaissance Front, National Romanian Fascia, National Socialist Party (Romania), Romanian Front


Alexander Dubrovin, Aleksandr Ivanov-Sukharevsky, Konstantin Kasimovsky, Nikolai Yevgenyevich Markov, People's National Party (Russia), Russian Fascist Organization, Russian Fascist Party, Russian National Socialist Party, Russian National Union


Iron Wolf (organization), Ain-Ervin Mere, National Radical Camp Falanga, Artur Sirk

National Bolshevism[edit]

Aleksandr Dugin, Heinrich Laufenberg, Nashi (youth movement), National Bolshevik Front, National Bolshevik Party, National Bolshevism, Ernst Niekisch, Parti Communautaire Européen, Parti Communautaire National-Européen, Jean-François Thiriart, Nikolay Vasilyevich Ustryalov

Right-wing extremism in Western Europe[edit]


Josef Bucher, Alfred Frauenfeld, Fridolin Glass, Theodor Habicht, Hermann Hiltl, Gottfried Küssel, Franz Langoth, Josef Leopold, Hermann Neubacher, Walter Pfrimer, Alfred Proksch (politician), Anton Reinthaller, Walter Riehl, Anton Rintelen, Richard Steidle, Eduard Paul Tratz


Agir (Belgium), August Borms, Jean Denis (politician), Hendrik Elias, Bert Eriksson, Daniel Féret, Jef François, Ward Hermans, Paul Hoornaert, Jeune Europe, René Lagrou, Victor Matthys, Luc Michel, Mouvement d'Action Civique, Pierre Nothomb, Order of Flemish Militants, Party of New Forces (Belgium), Robert Poulet, José Streel, Jef van de Wiele, Joris Van Severen, Cyriel Verschaeve


Marc Augier, Jacques Bainville‎, Maurice Bardèche, Jacques Barnaud, Joseph Barthélemy, Jacques Benoist-Méchin, Jean Bichelonne, Pierre Biétry, René Binet (neo-Fascist), Georges Blond, Yvan Blot, Christian Bouchet, François Brigneau, Henry Charbonneau, Pierre-Antoine Cousteau‎, Jean Fontenoy, Mark Fredriksen, French and European Nationalist Party, French Popular Party, Groupe Collaboration, Claude Jeantet, Gabriel Jeantet, Jean-Yves Le Gallou, François Lehideux, Jean-Gilles Malliarakis, Paul Marion (politician), Jean-Pierre Maxence, Party of New Forces, Pierre Pucheu, Radical Network, Maurice-Yvan Sicard, Pierre Sidos, Third Way (France), Henri Vaugeois


Artaman League, Otto Böckel, German Reform Party, German Social Party (German Empire), German Social Reform Party, Albrecht von Graefe (politician), Wilhelm Henning, Willibald Hentschel, Rudolf Kanzler, Richard Kunze, Friedrich Lange (journalist), Max Liebermann von Sonnenberg, Mathilde Ludendorff, Artur Mahraun, Waldemar Pabst, Reinhold Quaatz, Reichshammerbund, Alfred Roth, Tannenbergbund, Reinhold Wulle


Georg Ay, Rudolf Bamler, Hermann Bartels, Hermann Becker-Freyseng, Hermann Behrends, Lothar Beutel, Franz von Bodmann, Adolf von Bomhard, Karl von Buchka, Karl Chmielewski, Columbia concentration camp, Heinrich Deubel, Paul Dittel, Richard Donnevert, Wilhelm Dreher, Arthur Ehrhardt, Walter Eisfeld, Hans Endres, Otto Förschner, Helmuth Friedrichs, Fritz Gajewski, Heinrich Gattineau, Edwin Gebauer, Wilhelm Gideon, Adam Grünewald, Jakob Wilhelm Hauer, Hans Helwig, Hermann Höfle (SS general), Hans Hüttig, Max Ilgner, Fritz Emil Irrgang, Alfred Ittner, Herbert Jankuhn, Wilhelm Karpenstein, Erwin Guido Kolbenheyer, Fritz Kranefuss, Carl Vincent Krogmann, Hans Kühne, Carl Lautenschläger, Hans Louis Ferdinand von Löwenstein zu Löwenstein, Wilhelm Rudolf Mann, Emil Heinrich Meyer, Reinhold Muchow, Heinrich Oster, Rudolf Querner, Georg Rickhey, Arthur Rödl, Curt Rothenberger, Carl Röver, Christian Schneider, Georg von Schnitzler, Emil Georg von Stauss, Franz Stöhr, Fritz Suhren, Friedrich Uebelhoer, Hermann Voss, Hilmar Wäckerle, Christian Weber (SS general), Paul Wegener (Nazi), Eduard Weiter, Fritz Wiedemann, Werner Willikens, Gustav Adolf von Wulffen, Carl Wurster, Wilhelm Zangen, Hans Severus Ziegler, Egon Zill, Wilhelm Zoepf


Bela Ewald Althans, Herbert Böhme, Friedhelm Busse, Deutsche Heidnische Front, Deutsche Rechtspartei, Economic Reconstruction Union, Free German Workers' Party, German Alternative, German League for People and Homeland, Gesinnungsgemeinschaft der Neuen Front, Johanna Grund, Erich Kern, Gerhard Krüger (politician), Alfred Loritz, Horst Mahler, Armin Mohler, Martin Mussgnug, Nation und Europa, Nationalist Front, Harald Neubauer, Karl-Heinz Priester, Fritz Rössler, Emil Schlee, Rolf Schlierer, Strasserism, Michael Swierczek, Adolf von Thadden, Friedrich Thielen, Volkssozialistische Bewegung Deutschlands/Partei der Arbeit


Giorgio Almirante, Giuseppe Bastianini, Tullio Cianetti, Stefano Delle Chiaie, Carlo Costamagna, Augusto De Marsanich, Alberto De Stefani, Lando Ferretti, Roberto Fiore, Roberto Forges Davanzati, Enzo Galbiati, Giuseppe Giulietti (trade unionist), Francesco Giunta, Ezio Maria Gray, Telesio Interlandi, Pietro Koch, Maurizio Maraviglia, Arturo Michelini, National Front (Italy, 1967), National Social Front, National Vanguard (Italy), Paolo Orano, Dino Perrone Compagni, Giorgio Pini, Giovanni Preziosi, Pino Rauti, Renato Ricci, Pino Romualdi, Cesare Rossi (politician), Social Action, Ugo Spirito, Tullio Tamburini, Terza Posizione, Adriano Tilgher


Jan Baars, Black Front (Netherlands), Max Blokzijl, Robert van Genechten, General Dutch Fascist League, Joop Glimmerveen, Alfred Haighton, Wouter Lutkie, Arnold Meijer, National Alliance (Netherlands), National Socialist Dutch Workers Party, National Union (Netherlands), Ernst Herman van Rappard, H. A. Sinclair de Rochemont


Luís de Almeida Braga, Alberto Monsaraz, National Action Movement (Portugal), National Syndicalists (Portugal), José Adriano Pequito Rebelo, António Eça de Queiroz, José Hipólito Raposo, António Sardinha


Democrats in Norway, Per Engdahl, Elof Eriksson, Adrian Molin, National Socialist Workers' Party (Sweden), Nationalist Party (Iceland), Povl Riis-Knudsen


Acción Española, Juan Antonio Ansaldo, José Luis de Arrese, Agustín Aznar, Bases Autónomas, CEDADE, Sancho Dávila y Fernández de Celis, Raimundo Fernández-Cuesta, Valentín Galarza Morante, Pedro Gamero del Castillo, Ernesto Giménez Caballero‎, Manuel Hedilla, José Ibáñez Martín, Alfredo Kindelán, Luis Orgaz Yoldi, Popular Action (Spain), Renovación Española, Dionisio Ridruejo, Pedro Sainz Rodríguez, José Sáinz Nothnagel, Unión Militar Española, Eugenio Vegas Latapie


Gaston-Armand Amaudruz, Eugen Bircher, Franz Burri, Eidgenössische Sammlung, Arthur Fonjallaz, Rolf Henne, Ernst Leonhardt, National Front (Switzerland), National Movement of Switzerland, National Union (Switzerland), Hans Oehler, Georges Oltramare, Jakob Schaffner, Schweizerischer Vaterländischer Verband, Emil Sonderegger, Robert Tobler, Volkspartei der Schweiz


European Social Movement, Denis Fahey, Greek National Socialist Party, National Party of Europe, New European Order, Volksdeutsche Bewegung

Right-wing extremism in the Americas[edit]


Mario Amadeo, Juan Carulla, Nimio de Anquín, Roberto de Laferrère, Máximo Etchecopar, Manuel Gálvez, Juan Carlos Goyeneche, Carlos Ibarguren, Julio Irazusta, Rodolfo Irazusta, Julio Meinvielle, New Triumph Party, Ernesto Palacio (writer), Enrique Ruiz Guiñazú


Sergio Onofre Jarpa, Carlos Keller, National Socialist Movement of Chile, Jorge Prat


Salvador Abascal, National Synarchist Union, Manuel Torres Bueno


Virgil Effinger, European-American Unity and Rights Organization, Free Society of Teutonia, John Kasper, Gary Lauck, National States' Rights Party, H. Keith Thompson, Greg Withrow, World Union of National Socialists


Gustavo Barroso, Bolivian Socialist Falange, Germán Borregales, Canadian Association for Free Expression, Falangism in Latin America, Institutional Democratic Party, National Action Movement (Venezuela), National Liberation Movement (Guatemala), José de la Riva-Agüero y Osma

Right-wing extremism in the rest of the world[edit]


Ganap Party, KALIBAPI, Makapili

South Africa[edit]

Boerestaat Party, Carel Boshoff‎, Greyshirts, Nicolaas Havenga, Herstigte Nasionale Party, Oswald Pirow, Tielman Roos, Vereniging van Oranjewerkers


Fascism in Africa, Party of National Brotherhood, SUMKA, Tōhōkai, Unit 88

Northern Ireland entries[edit]

Loyalist groups[edit]

Combined Loyalist Military Command, Down Orange Welfare, Loyalist Association of Workers, Orange Volunteers (1972), Tara (Northern Ireland), UDA West Belfast Brigade, Ulster Clubs, Ulster Loyalist Central Co-ordinating Committee, Ulster Political Research Group, Ulster Resistance, Ulster Service Corps, Ulster Special Constabulary Association, Ulster Volunteer Service Corps, Ulster Workers' Council, Young Citizen Volunteers (1972)


David Adams (loyalist), David Allen (politician), Michael Armstrong (politician), Robert Babington, Glenn Barr, Ken Barrett (loyalist), Jimmy Birch, William Borland (loyalist), William Brown (Northern Ireland politician), Peter Brush, John Bunting (loyalist), Ronald Bunting, Mo Courtney, James Craig (County Antrim, 20th century), Frankie Curry, Winkie Dodds, Noel Doherty, Thompson Donald, Sammy Duddy, James Augustine Duff, Stewart Dunlop, Ernie Elliott, Joe English (loyalist), Raymond Ferguson, George Forrest (politician), Ivan Foster, Frankie Gallagher, George Graham (Northern Ireland politician), Herbert Heslip, Chris Hudson (trade unionist), Billy Hutchinson, Alex Kerr (loyalist), Ken Kerr, Matt Kincaid, Robin King, Tommy Kirkham, Proinsias MacAirt, Patrick McCarthy (politician), Samuel McClelland, Kenny McClinton, Frank McCoubrey, W. F. McCoy, Ned McCreery, Raymond McCullough, William McCullough (loyalist), Raymond McCrea, Billy McFarland, Ken McFaul, John McKay (Northern Ireland politician), Stephen McKeag, Patricia McLaughlin, Gary McMichael, John McMichael, Roy Magee, Neville Martin, James Millar (loyalist), Billy Mitchell (loyalist), George Morrison (Northern Ireland politician), Patrick O'Donoghue (politician), Clifford Peeples, Lindsay Robb, Andy Robinson (loyalist), Hugh Ross (politician), Jimbo Simpson, Ray Smallwoods, Charles Harding Smith, William Smith (loyalist), Gary Smyth (loyalist), Hugh Smyth, Sammy Smyth (loyalist), Gusty Spence, Jim Spence (loyalist), Esmond Thompson, Jackie Thompson, Roy Thompson (politician), Andy Tyrie, John White (loyalist)

Politicial parties[edit]

British Ulster Dominion Party, Northern Council for Unity, Ulster Independence Movement, Ulster Movement for Self-Determination, Ulster Third Way, United Ulster Unionist Council


Campaign for Equal Citizenship, Northern Ireland Assembly election, 1982, Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention, Protestant Telegraph, Sean Graham bookmakers' shooting, Ulster Farmers' Union

Bulgarian Prime Ministers[edit]

Georgi Atanasov (politician), Ivan Ivanov Bagrianov, Todor Burmov, Stoyan Danev, John Casimir Ehrnrooth, Grisha Filipov, Petur Gabrovski, Ivan Evstratiev Geshov, Dimitar Grekov, Petar Gudev, Reneta Indzhova, Todor Ivanchov, Petko Karavelov, Georgi Kyoseivanov, Andrey Lyapchev, Aleksandar Malinov, Konstantin Muraviev, Nikola Mushanov, Dimitar Petkov, Racho Petrov, Dimitar Iliev Popov, Vasil Radoslavov, Leonid Sobolev, Stefan Sofiyanski, Dimitar Stanchov, Konstantin Stoilov, Teodor Teodorov, Andrey Toshev, Aleksandar Tsankov, Dragan Tsankov, Kliment Turnovski, Anton Yugov, Petаr Zlatev

Other Politics entries[edit]

UK by-elections[edit]

Acton by-election, 1968, Belfast West by-election, 1943, Belfast South by-election, 1963, Birmingham Ladywood by-election, 1969, Birmingham Ladywood by-election, 1977, Birmingham Northfield by-election, 1982, Birmingham Stechford by-election, 1977, Bournemouth East and Christchurch by-election, 1952, Brighton Pavilion by-election, 1969, Bromsgrove by-election, 1971, Cambridge by-election, 1976, Carshalton by-election, 1976, Chichester by-election, 1969, City of London and Westminster South by-election, 1977, Coventry North West by-election, 1976, Dagenham by-election, 1994, Enfield West by-election, 1970, Epsom & Ewell by-election, 1978, Fulham by-election, 1986, Goole by-election, 1971, Gower by-election, 1982, Greenwich by-election, 1971, Hayes and Harlington by-election, 1971, Hull North by-election, 1966, Ilford North by-election, 1978, Kensington by-election, 1988, Kingston-upon-Thames by-election, 1972, Lewisham North by-election, 1957, Liverpool Scotland by-election, 1964‎, Liverpool Scotland by-election, 1971, Manchester Exchange by-election, 1973, Manchester Moss Side by-election, 1961, Manchester Moss Side by-election, 1978, Merthyr Tydfil by-election, 1972, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Central by-election, 1976‎, New Forest by-election, 1968, Newham North East by-election, 1994, Peckham by-election, 1982, Rotherham by-election, 1976‎, Saffron Walden by-election, 1977, St Marylebone by-election, 1970, South Ayrshire by-election, 1970, Southampton Itchen by-election, 1971, Southend East by-election, 1980, South West Norfolk by-election, 1959, Stirling and Falkirk by-election, 1971, Sutton and Cheam by-election, 1972, Swindon by-election, 1969, Thurrock by-election, 1976‎, Uxbridge by-election, 1972, Walsall North by-election, 1976, Walthamstow East by-election, 1969, Wellingborough by-election, 1969, West Bromwich by-election, 1973, Weston-super-Mare by-election, 1969, Whitehaven by-election, 1959‎ , Wirral by-election, 1976‎, Wycombe by-election, 1978

UK general[edit]

Anti-Common Market League, Raymond Blackburn, Alfred Denville, Montague Fordham, John Hargrave, Assheton Pownall, Rural Reconstruction Association, Murray Sueter, Lyall Wilkes

Africa general[edit]

Cameroonian Union, Kamerun National Democratic Party, National Liberation Movement (Ghana), Parti Solidaire Africain, Youssouf Togoïmi

Asia general[edit]

Dashiin Byambasüren, Comrades Party, Jigme Palden Dorji, Mongolian legislative election, 1990, Rıza Nur, Dündar Taşer

Americas general[edit]

Conservative Party (Ecuador), Robert Corbin, Nationalist Civic Crusade, Revolutionary Party (Guatemala), Venezuelan presidential election, 1963, Venezuelan presidential election, 1968

Europe general[edit]

Adolf Bauser, Walter Breisky, Josef Buchner, Eithne Coyle, Frontpartij, Giuseppe Giulietti (politician), Movement for Democracy – The Net, Reichspartei für Volksrecht und Aufwertung, Schleswig-Holsteinische Bauern- und Landarbeiterdemokratie, Johann Schober, Vladimir Tikhonov, Bodo Uhse, Vincenzo Visco


Australian League of Rights


Football in Kazakhstan[edit]

FC Aktobe-Lento, FC Akzhayik, FC Almaty, FC Astana, FC Atyrau, FC Avangard, FC Bulat, FC Dostyk, FC Ekibastuzetc, FC Energetik, FC Irtysh, FC Kaisar, FC Okzhetpes, FC Ordabasy, FC Semey, FC Shakhter, FC Taraz, FC Tobol, FC Vostok, FC Yesil Bogatyr Petropavlovsk, FC Zhetysu, Football in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Cup, Kazakhstan First Division, Kazakhstan national under-21 football team, Kazakhstan Super League, List of football clubs in Kazakhstan

Former Scottish League clubs[edit]

Armadale F.C.‎, Bathgate F.C.‎, Beith F.C., Bo'ness F.C.‎, Broxburn United F.C.‎, Dundee Wanderers F.C., Dykehead F.C.‎, Galston F.C.‎, Helensburgh F.C.‎, Johnstone F.C.‎, King's Park F.C., Lochgelly United F.C.‎, Northern F.C., Solway Star F.C.‎, Thistle F.C.‎, List of former Scottish Football League clubs


Andy Ainscow, Owen Archdeacon, Alf Arrowsmith, Saturnino Arrúa, Neil Aspin (request), Brian Attley, Arthur Bacon, István Balogh (footballer), Graham Barrow (request), Joël Bats, Ron Batty, Chris Beech (footballer born 1975), Ali Benarbia (request), Martyn Bennett (footballer), Tony Bircumshaw, Basile Boli (request), Stan Bowles (request), Jack Callender, Tom Callender, Ian Campbell (footballer), Jimmy Carabine, Ryan Christie (footballer), Bobby Cowell, Joe Coyle, Tommy Coyle, Gerry Creaney (request), Christian Damiano (request), O'Neill Donaldson (request), Mark Draper (request), Carlton Fairweather, Buenaventura Ferreira, Willie Findlay, Jim Fotheringham, Doug Fraser (footballer born 1941), Jim Fryatt, Jimmy Gardner (footballer), Jimmy Giles (request), Mahmoud Guendouz, Rachid Harkouk, Colin Harrison (footballer), Pat Heard, Seamus Heath, Horace Henshall, Bob Hewison, Ramón Hicks, Humphrey Jones‎, Stan Jones (footballer), Mikhail Kavelashvili (request), Temuri Ketsbaia (request), Billy Kiernan, Harry Kinghorn, Pat McAllister, Dugald McCarrison, John McCue, Paul McDonald (footballer) (request), Paul McGregor (footballer) (request), Gerry McMahon (request), Raymond McStay, Mark McWalter, Ally Mauchlen, Ray Middleton (footballer), Stanley Milburn, Keith Mincher, Archie Mitchell (footballer), Billy Mould, Mick Norbury, Darren Patterson, Les Phillips, Pascal Plovie, Mark Prudhoe (request), Pedro Richards, Franck Rolling (request), Dave Rushbury, Jimmy Sanders, Vladimiro Schettina, Stefan Schnoor (request), George Shaw (Scottish footballer), Bobby Shinton, Steve Slade (request), George Smith (footballer born 1936), George Smith (footballer born 1945), Duncan Spedding (request), Gareth Stoker, Brian Stubbs, Colin Sullivan (footballer), Gerry Sweeney, John Talbut, Marc Van Der Linden, Jerome Vareille, Darren Wassall, John Williams (footballer born 1960), Jimmy Willis (request), Ray Wilson (Scottish footballer)

Football clubs[edit]

Borough United F.C. (request), Colwyn Bay F.C., Oxford City F.C. (request), Rathcoole F.C., Roan United F.C., Wallidan F.C., Walton & Hersham F.C.

Football seasons[edit]

1967-68 in English football, 1968-69 in English football, 1969-70 in English football, 1940-41 in Scottish football (request), 1941-42 in Scottish football (request), 1942-43 in Scottish football (request), 1943-44 in Scottish football (request), 1944-45 in Scottish football (request), 1945-46 in Scottish football (request), 2016–17 Irish Cup, Heart of Midlothian F.C. season 2008-09 (request)

Other football entries[edit]

1964 FA Charity Shield, 1986 Football League Cup Final, Football in Colombia, Football in Ethiopia, Football in the United Arab Emirates, Football in Venezuela, Fuji-Cup, German football championship 1958 (request), Brian Glanville (request), Irving Scholar (request)


Germany by year[edit]

1873 in Germany, 1893 in Germany, 1899 in Germany, 1900 in Germany, 1904 in Germany, 1907 in Germany, 1926 in Germany, 1930 in Germany


Agnes Baltsa (request), Everyone's Got One, Fun! fun! fun!, Dorris Henderson, Mariza Koch, List of French number-one hits of 1968, Lustra (album), Gilbert Montagné, On (Echobelly album), The Overlanders (band)


Peter Armitage (actor), Gyearbuor Asante, David Bobin, Arthur Brough, Stuart Golland, James Hayter (actor), Junior Showtime (request), Gerry Kelly (broadcaster), Tom Mennard, Count Prince Miller


British Heavy Middleweight Championship, British Light Heavyweight Championship, British Lightweight Championship, Frank Hoy, Juan Kachmanian, Mike Marino


Antrim Road, Crumlin Road, Shore Road, Belfast, Springfield Road, Belfast


Nubar Gulbenkian, Paul Jennings (darts player), George Stapledon, Variety Bandbox

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