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Superfund site
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is a hazardous waste site in [[]]. After assessment by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) it was added to the National Priorities List in for long-term remedial action. The site cleanup is directed by the federal Superfund program.




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Horizon is an electronic point of sale (EPOS) accounting system developed by ICL/Fujitsu Services for use by the Post Office in the UK.[1] Intended to computerise post office retail operations and integrate with the Department of Social Security to enable benefits to be collected over the counter using smart cards, the project was announced in 1995.[2][3] The consortium awarded the contract to develop and install the system was led by ICL and Fujitsu and included Girobank, De La Rue, Microsoft, BT and An Post, the Irish post office.[4][5] Integration with the benefits system and the computerisation of social security payments (totalling £1 billion annually) to around 20 million claimants was expected to reduce fraud, leading to annual savings of up to £150 million.[4][5][6] The scheme was initially called Pathway, with the name chosen to reflect "opening the way to full-scale automation by creating a new retail system for post offices."[7]

The Horizon project was announced by Peter Lilley, the Secretary of State for Social Security, at the Conservative Party conference in 1995 "with a promise it would be up and running within three years and saving the taxpayer £150 million in fraudulent benefit claims."[8] At the time it was one of the largest and "most ambitious" projects to be awarded under the Private finance initiative (PFI), exceeded only by the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, and was Europe's largest automation scheme.[7][8]

The contract was awarded to ICL in May 1996. Under the terms of the PFI the projected cost of £1 billion was to be met by the private-sector partners and recovered by a contribution from the expected savings from fraud reduction and a small charge applied to each transaction using the system.[8][9]


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