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This article is about the Wikipedia user Ketsuban. For the Pokémon character, see Missingno.

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Ketsuban is an 22-year-old person living in the United States. She is an unabashed otaku, and has absolutely no life outside of the Internet.

She also adores kitties.

This kitty will eat you if you call things "cruft".


Ketsuban believes that the word "cruft" when used derogatorily toward articles is offensive and debasing to those with an interest in said articles. Calling Nincada "fancruft" is a blatant insult to fans of Pokemon, for example.

In addition, just because there are people out there who find a particular type of article uninteresting does not mean that is grounds for deletion. Otherwise antiquark, an extremely tiny and boring (to some) article, is ripe for the picking. Ketsuban has nominated that article for deletion, but for some reason there are people out there who think she is "ridiculous" and immature for calling antiquarks "physicscruft".

She would also like to remind people that non-notability is not a VfD criterion.

This cat hates you.


For no reason, one day Ketsuban decided to visit random pages. The first one that came up was Randomization.

This cat is evil inside.

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