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My name is Kevin and I like to work on Wikipedia in my spare time. I also love to make gun articles. If you have any interesting things to talk about you can go to my user talk

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My chicken Road Runner.
One of my Egyptian Chickens. I enjoy collecting rare chickens
Ruger MP-9 by Kevin Kahle.
A Buff Cochin Bantam from my farm, K&M Fa rms.
Paw 20 Neopup.

Awards I have gotten

Pages I have worked on or helped make:

Ruger MP-9

Cars (film)

DENEL PAW-20 "Neopup"

.177 calibre

25 mm grenade


Egyptian Fayoumis Chickens

Buff Cochin Bantam

Gobblet Junior

Steyr Scout

FN Forty-Nine

Dragunov SVU


Barrett M95


yule log

Ruger AC556F

Cane Gun

FN Forty-Nine


Boat Tail Hollow Point


Semi-automatic pistol