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I live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. My interests are generally in sailing, golf, photography, and history.

Some of my photography projects are: [ Classic Autos] and my [ Camera Collection]

My educational credentials are BS University of California Berkeley, and MBA University of Notre Dame. Life experience includes 30+ years of business management and entrepreneurial success.

Reduced participation in 2009[edit]

While I remain absolutely dedicated to the success of this project, I will be so involved in other organizations and charities in 2009 that I can not focus on Wikipedia, at the level where I have recently participated. I’ve taken an executive position in my yacht club and Renee and I have increased our commitment to Special Olympics in light of recent reductions in charity contributions. However, if you think I can make a meaningful contribution to your efforts, please send me an email. --Kevin Murray (talk) 07:55, 7 January 2009 (UTC)


A great quote: "the internet is populated by eggshells armed with hammers."

Sailing on San Francisco Bay.
My Catalina 380 racing on San Francisco Bay.
My 1959 Porsche 356B; a 25 year project.
    • It's easy to confuse notability with prominence; "Notable" is not a very high standard, just worthy of notice. The guidelines purposely avoided words like famous, important and prominent and chose notable as a lower threshold.
    • Remember that it is harder to build than to tear down.
    • Civility and respect are key to this project. However, Wikipedia is not a place for therapy, solace, or cuddling; these are available from: most moms, loving dogs, and carefully chosen prostitutes. We are writing an encyclopedia which can be a brutally hard experience for the timid or fragile souls. Sometimes we must call a spade a spade, notwithstanding a bit of discomfort to the ego in the process.


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