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Kevin Uwaifo aka d,jonathans is a Nigerian dancer, rapper, writer, entertainer, comedian, and an inventor, born in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria in the year 1976 june 24 into the family of late Pa, elder decon Jonathan Omorere Uwaifo and decones Dorcas Osayomore Uwaifo . He is well know in his numerous electric funny dance steps.

he has being a marvellous great dancer since he was a child attending competitions and representing schools alongside with the then group called the Ice T family and got is inspiration from super stars like Fela Anikulakpo Kuti Sir Victor Uwaifo, Michael Jackson, Mc Hammer, Bobby Brown, Usher and many more etc. He is also well know in computing talented in science and technology a computer scientist.

Early Life[edit]

He grew up in a happy God fearing family. in the family of 7, attended Ivbiotor Primary School 1. Sapele road, km 7, Benin City. he was an intellectual humble student filled with dreams and enthusiasm, he was a choir member in a church called all denomination church of God mission then as a singer and a drummer where he had his first inspiration and have a lot passion for sound and music. while in the school he use to be a dancer with a group then called Ice T family as the foreman, the youngest and smallest of then. He first discover is talent in music and as a unique dancer as well as a comedian.


Kevin obtained his secondary school education at Niger College Benin and Lagos State University, Lagos.


kevin hobby are reading, writing, listening to music, dancing, web surfing, watching movies, playing with good people that affect him positively and listening to news around the global world.