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For working on new projects

My Best Articles or Biggest Contributions[edit]

Created and Edited[edit]

Created, let others finish[edit]

Did major edits on[edit]

Related Projects[edit]

I've been working hard to try to expand the English Wikipedia's coverage of French last names, especially those ranked as among the most common in Quebec (e.g. Tremblay, Landry, Morin).

I added or edited several pages related to oilpatch occupations: Oiler, Roughneck, Motorman, etc.

I've been trying hard to eliminated nationalist wanking on the emerging superpowers pages, China, India, and the EU.

I've also spent entirely too much time makign sure all our famous Ukrainian Canadians are in that proper category.

Speaking of mis-used time, I'm been giving time and place categories for a lot of Canadian businesses.

Lately I've expanded my last-names efforts into Ukrainian names like Andreychuk, Fedoruk, and Tkachuk.

I've created and populated serval sub-cats for Category:Edmonton, Alberta, and Category:Alberta such as Category:Companies based in Edmonton, Category:Buildings and structures in Edmonton and Category:Festivals in Alberta.

Also, I've tried to work on articles related to Ukrainian cuisine, like borshch, blini, kovbasa, etc. And on the Twelve-dish Christmas Eve supper. And on Quebec and Canadian cuisine, like butter tarts and sugar pies.


REMEMBER: (notes to myself)

  • Don't get bogged down doing mantiance tasks for hours! (especially categorizing things!)
  • Do your homework first, then write articles about it.
  • Edit it for fun and to achieve something, not just to waste time.

To Do[edit]

* a page for each ministry / department
* a page for the office of each minister
* a page for each of the current ministers

Categoory:Ethnic and cultural organizations in Canada Canadian Jewish Congress Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians Jewish Colonization Association Canadian Arab Federation Assembly of First Nations Canadian Malayalee Association Congress of Aboriginal Peoples Métis National Council Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami etc.

Music of Canada[edit]

Foreign relations of Canada[edit]

  • Bilateral:
  • Multilateral

History of Alberta: People who held multiple important jobs, important in the founding of important instututions.

Buildings in Edmonton[edit]

Heritage sites[edit]

And make sure everyone on the list as an article


Fun Stuff[edit]

Where am I?[edit]

  • Earth
  • North America


  • Canada
  • Alberta
  • Edmonton

Human regions[edit]

Pysical and bio regions[edit]

Check this out: [9]