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A railfan, rail buff, or train buff (American English), railway enthusiast or railway buff (Australian/British English), trainspotter or anorak (British English, usually derogatory), is a person interested, recreationally, in rail transport.[1][2] Railfans of many ages can be found worldwide. Railfans often combine their interest with other hobbies, especially photography and videography, radio scanning, model railroading, studying railroad history and participating in railway station and rolling stock preservation efforts.

User:Tdorante10/sandbox3 – Includes draft bus articles

Queens Bus Routes and lines – A list of bus article projects

User:Epicgenius/sandbox/1 – Interesting track map drafts

User:Epicgenius/sandbox/3 – Includes draft bus articles

User:Epicgenius/sandbox/5 – Includes a draft split of Technology of the New York City Subway that I have been wanting to work on


Subway provisions and entrances[edit]

User:Kew Gardens 613/New York City Subway Bellmouths and Provisions

User:Kew Gardens 613/List of closed New York City Subway entrances

User:Kew Gardens 613/List of new New York City Subway entrances

Transit Memorabilia[edit]

This is an incomplete and a growing list of transit memorabilia that I have, of which some I may be willing to offer in a trade or for sale.

Projects I've worked on[edit]

Icon train.svg User:Kew Gardens 613/Bus and Railroad-Related Projects

Stuff about me[edit]

I generally edit transportation pages, specifically those in the New York City Metro region. I have an account on New York City Transit Forums. I originally had an account on wikipedia called Union Tpke 613 and then I forgot my password so this is my newer username. I am a severe railfan.

Ever since I was really little, I have been interested in the subway. I enjoy railfanning, going on subway fan trips, taking pictures of the subway, and collecting transit memorabilia. I have a really large collection that continues to grow. I know a lot about the history and the makeup of the subway system, and MNRR and LIRR. I have acquired my vast knowledge through my collection of subway books, going around the system myself, and the vast knowledge of information on what we call the internet. I also am in the process of making a subway fantasy map and a regional rail plan for the NY metro area. I live in Queens and hope to live here and in NYC for life. I sure don't want to learn to drive. I hope to become a transit planner for our wonderful city or perhaps the whole NY Metro region, and hope to make a difference in our transit system, allowing people to go where they need more quickly and efficiently.


Example 2

Across the tracks[edit]

Across the tracks are the boring things on this page

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