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Category:Data management:
Abstraction; Business intelligence; Candidate key; Codd's 12 rules; Compound key; Conceptual schema; Concurrency control; Data bank; Data Definition Language; Data dictionary; Data hierarchy; Data management; Data Manipulation Language; Data mart; Data mining; Data model; Data modeling; Data movement; Data profiling; Data quality assurance; Data recovery; Data striping; Data Warehousing; Database; Database administration; Database administrator; Database log; Database management system; Database normalization; Database transaction; Dimensional database; Distributed data store; Distributed database; Entity-relationship model; Foreign key; Functional dependency; IDEF; Identification; Information architecture; Information engineering; Information technology; Journaling file system; Key field; List of database servers; Metadata; Metadirectory; Natural key; N-tuple; Primary key; Open Database Connectivity; PL SQL; Query; Query by Example; Query language; Referential integrity; Relation; Relational Database Management System; Repository; Rollback; SQL Injection; Standard data model; Star schema; Stored procedure; Superkey; Surrogate key; Table

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Creationism; Deism; Determinism; Gap Creationism; Meaning of life; Old Earth Creationism; Philosophical logic; Spirit; Tithe; Truth

Science or Aerospace:
O-1 Bird Dog; Moon Shot; V-2 rocket; Quantum mechanics

Sticker; Thumb twiddling; Acid indigestion

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