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Kevin Geurts
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Who is Kevin?[edit]

Kevin Marc G. was born in 1985 in Courcouronnes, France from parents of Flemish, Dutch and Italian descent.

Kevin lived in Saint-Michel-sur-Orge, France until he graduated from the closest free community college in Business Management; while working at the same time for a logistics company in Paris.

He then, with a lot of luck and cojones, got sent by that company to Shanghai, China where he managed the local tiny branch of a french logistics company. Soon enough, with even more luck, he met Choon-Hee, an incredible Korean woman 11 years older than him, and deeply fell in love with her.

More than a year ago, they decided to move in Suwon, South Korea, where they got married. Kevin is currently working for a German company and still living in Suwon. Note that he luckily found his job in an airport bus a few seconds after landing in Korea for the first time.

Yes, Kevin was obviously born under a Lucky Star.

My Modest Contribution[edit]

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Ginebra_San_Miguel, Jinro, Bulldog_Gin, Lucas_Bols, Cork_Dry_Gin, Seagram, Steinhäger,

North Korea North Korea[edit]

Kaesong: Picture

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→ Soju: Translations from English to French

My Travels[edit]

  • I was born in: France
  • I have lived in: France United States China South Korea
  • I have visited: France Belgium Netherlands Republic of Ireland United Kingdom Jersey Germany Spain Andorra Portugal Italy Switzerland Austria Tunisia Macau Hong Kong Canary Islands China Japan New Caledonia South Korea United States The Bahamas North Korea PhilippinesVietnam Laos Cambodia Thailand Malaysia Indonesia Singapore Luxembourg Scotland Norway Sweden


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