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Hello. I am a lawyer in New York City. I am originally from Manhattan, Kansas and most of my contributions are related in some way to Kansas.

Some pages I created or significantly edited[edit]

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I award you a Running Man Barnstar for all the contributions related to college football--CJC47 11:21, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

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Series Continuous
Series nickname / Trophy NCAA Div. First meeting Series leader Notes
LafayetteLehigh 1897 The Rivalry FCS 1884 Lafayette Most played series in college football[1]
MinnesotaWisconsin 1907 Paul Bunyan's Axe FBS 1890 Minnesota Most played series in FBS[2]
ClemsonSouth Carolina 1909 Palmetto Bowl FBS 1896 Clemson
North Carolina StateWake Forest 1910 FBS 1895 NC State
OklahomaOklahoma State[3][4] 1910 Bedlam Series FBS 1904 Oklahoma
KansasKansas State[5] 1911 Sunflower Showdown FBS 1902 Kansas
WabashDePauw[6] 1911 Monon Bell Div. III 1890 Wabash
Iowa StateKansas State[7] 1917 Farmageddon FBS 1917 Iowa State
MichiganOhio State 1918 The Game FBS 1897 Michigan
MinnesotaIowa[8] 1918 Floyd of Rosedale FBS 1891 Minnesota
DartmouthCornell 1919 Cornell–Dartmouth football rivalry FCS 1900 Dartmouth
North CarolinaVirginia[9] 1919 South's Oldest Rivalry FBS 1892 North Carolina
PennCornell 1919 Trustees' Cup FCS 1893 Penn
PurdueIndiana 1920 Old Oaken Bucket FBS 1891 Purdue
GeorgiaGeorgia Tech 1925 Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate FBS 1893 Georgia
DartmouthYale 1926 Dartmouth–Yale football rivalry FCS 1884 Yale
USCCal 1926 FBS 1915 USC
IllinoisNorthwestern 1927 Land of Lincoln Trophy FBS 1892 Illinois
TexasOklahoma 1929 Red River Showdown FBS 1900 Texas
NavyArmy 1930 Army–Navy Game FBS 1890 Navy

The New York Times generally described the books of the "Romance" series as not a "very serious study" of history, but always a "picturesque treatment of an epoch." For example, the Times wrote of Champney's tales in Romance of the French Abbeys (1905), "some are tragic, some are humorous, but all are picturesque and are told with ingenuity and with a certain fidelity to the atmosphere and spirit to which they relate." The newspaper also praised the "great abundance of the excellent illustrations" in the books.

All University Convocation[edit]

Year Speaker Area of Notability Sponsor/ Notes
1963 Harry Golden Author
1963 Margaret Mead Anthropologist *University Centennial speaker
1963 Edward Teller Physicist *University Centennial speaker
1963 Detlev Bronk Physicist *University Centennial speaker
1963 Howard Mumford Jones Author, Pulitzer Prize winner *University Centennial speaker
1964 Braj Kumar Nehru Indian diplomat
1964–1965 John Ciardi Poet
1964–1965 Charles Malik Lebanese politician
1965–1966 William O. Douglas Supreme Court Justice
1965–1966 David Schoenbrun Media: CBS correspondent
1965–1966 Sen. Everett Dirksen U.S. Senator, Minority Leader
1965–1966 Sen. Wayne Morse U.S. Senator
1965–1966 Eric Sevareid Media: CBS correspondent
1965–1966 Art Buchwald Author, Pulitzer Prize winner
1966–1967 Bennett Cerf Media: publisher
1966–1967 Robert Maynard Hutchins
1966–1967 Saul Alinsky Community organizer
1966–1967 George Lincoln Rockwell U.S. Nazi leader
1966–1967 Byron White Supreme Court Justice
1966–1967 Baroness Maria von Trapp Entertainer
1966–1967 Sir Patrick Dean British Ambassador to U.S.
1966–1967 Sen. William Fulbright U.S. Senator
1967–1968 Bishop James Pike Civil rights activist, religious figure
1967–1968 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil rights activist, religious figure
1967–1968 Dick Gregory Civil rights activist, comedian
1967–1968 Buckminister Fuller Architect
1967–1968 Norman Cousins Media: editor
1968–1969 Dr. Benjamin Spock Health
1968–1969 Allen Dulles Intelligence: former CIA Director
1968–1969 James Farmer Civil rights activist
1968–1969 Milan Machovec Czech Marxist theorist
1968–1969 Sen. George McGovern U.S. Senator *Symposium on World Population
1969–1970 Arthur C. Clarke Author
1969–1970 George Plimpton Author *Union News & Views Committee
1970–1971 Akabar Abdul Haqq Religious figure
1970–1971 Rep. Shirley Chisholm Congresswoman
1970–1971 V. K. Krishna Menon Indian minister
1970–1971 Bill Russell Athletics
1971–1972 Edwin O. Reischauer
1971–1972 John A. Hannah Head of USAID
1971–1972 Samuel Jackson Presidential aide
1971–1972 Sen. Birch Bayh U.S. Senator
1972–1973 Sen. Fred R. Harris U.S. Senator
1972–1973 Rev. Troy Perry Civil rights activist, religious figure
1972–1973 Sen. Frank Church U.S. Senator
1972–1973 Betty Furness
1972–1973 Dolf Droge White House consultant, musician
1972–1973 Julian Bond Civil rights activist, politician
1973–1974 Rep. Patsy Mink Congresswoman
1973–1974 Theodore Koop Media: CBS executive
1973–1974 Gordon Parks Artist *Gordon Parks Festival
1973–1974 Denis Healey British politician
1973–1974 Bernie Travis Entertainer: comedian
1973–1974 Godfrey Cambridge Entertainer: comedian, director
1973–1974 Gene Roddenberry Entertainer: screenwriter
1974–1975 Dick Gregory Civil rights activist, comedian NOTE: second appearance
1974–1975 Ralph Abernathy Civil rights activist, religious figure
1974–1975 Fred Thompson Attorney: Senate Watergate Committee
1975–1976 James McCain Kansas State University President
1975–1976 Julian Bond Civil rights activist, politician NOTE: second appearance
1975–1976 Estelle Ramey Feminist
1976–1977 Edward Albee Author, playwright
1976–1977 Jonathan Kozol Author
1976–1977 Sen. Mark Hatfield U.S. Senator
1976–1977 Garrett Hardin
1976–1977 Betty Friedan Feminist
1976–1977 I. F. Stone Journalist
1977–1978 Jerry Apodaca Governor of New Mexico
1977–1978 Clive Barnes Media: Arts critic
1977–1978 Alex Haley Author
1978–1979 Amory Lovins Environmental scientist
1978–1979 Gale W. McGee
1979–1980 Rep. Walter E. Fauntroy Congressman
1979–1980 Jessica Savitch Media: NBC anchorwoman
1979–1980 Bella Abzug Feminist
1979–1980 Robert Shaw Entertainer: conductor
1979–1980 Erwin Knoll Journalist
1979–1980 Maggie Kuhn Civil rights activist
1980–1981 William H. Webster Intelligence: FBI Director
September 10, 1980 Julian Bond Civil rights activist, politician NOTE: third appearance
October 22, 1980 Germaine Greer Feminist
November 2, 1980 Ian Smith
November 20, 1980 Howard Bird Businessman
February 2, 1981 Barry Blechman Intelligence
February 26, 1981 John Brooks Slaughter
March 8, 1981 Penny Lennoux Author
March 10, 1981 Frances FitzGerald Author, Pulitzer Prize winner
April 12, 1981 William W. Winpisinger labor activist
September 21, 1981 William A. Rusher Media: publisher
October 19, 1981 Ralph Nader Consumer advocate
1982–1983 Richard Reeves Author
1982–1983 Frank Church U.S. Senator (Ret.) NOTE: second appearance
1982–1983 Paul Sweezy Economist
February 20, 1984 Rep. Stephen J. Solarz Congressman
November 16, 1984 George Wald Scientist, Nobel Laureate
January 21, 1985 Gwendolyn Brooks Poet, Pulitzer Prize winner
February 19, 1985 Rep. Howard Wolpe Congressman
October 31, 1985 Robert Burgess Biologist
November 18, 1985 Ariel Dorfman Author
January 19, 1986 Benjamin Hooks Civil rights activist
February 18, 1986 Henry Cisneros Mayor of San Antonio, Texas
1986 George F. Carrier Mathematician
October 14, 1986 Dennis Brutus Poet
November 19, 1986 Jules Feiffer Cartoonist, Pulitzer Prize winner
February 19, 1987 J. Anthony Lukas Author, Pulitzer Prize winner
March 5, 1987/6 Frances Moore Lappé Author
April 16, 1987/6 Joseph Heller Author
September 16, 1987 Michael McElroy Scientist
November 4, 1987 Michael Kammen Historian, Pulitzer Prize winner
November 17, 1987 Noam Chomsky
January 21, 1988 Lerone Bennett, Jr. Author
April 1987/8 Ellen Taaffe Zwilich Composer, Pulitzer Prize winner
January 26, 1996 Patricia Russell-McCloud Public speaker
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