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I'm just an ordinary 24 year old guy living in Fort Collins, Colorado while attending school at Colorado State University and pursuing a degree in Computer science, after having health issues that required me to leave Austin, Texas where I was studying the same thing at the University of Texas at Austin.

It's been several years since I was last a regular Wikipedia editor and contributor. Please give me a couple weeks, at least, to learn my way around again. Feel free to drop suggestions on my talk page!

I also, apparently, used to be a bit of a jerk. Please, avoid reading my talk archives. They're embarrassing. u_u;;;


I'm originally from Louisville, Kentucky, and will always be a true Kentucky guy.

A few notable things about my adolescence:

Growing up I swam on a swim team at Tom Sawyer State Park, and was also very much involved in Boy Scouts. I even managed to stick that one out and earn my Eagle Rank before graduating from high school. Also notable about scouts was that I repeatedly worked as an instructor (and eventually a director) at Tunnel Mill during Cub Scout and Webelos Resident Camps.

Also of note, I attended Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School, Meyzeek Middle School, and then graduated from duPont Manual High School before coming to Texas.


My language preferences
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That vast majority of my contributions are maintenance related. I revert a lot of vandalism and try to keep articles verifiable and spam-free. I recently discovered the new pages list. Patrolling that is kinda fun. I'm working on learning where CSDs apply and where they don't. As for the rest of my contributions:

Articles to which I have contributed heavily[edit]

duPont Manual High School - successfully promoted to good article status 4/17/2009

Articles I have started[edit]

Eugenia Wang
Josh Whelchel

Articles I am currently working on before moving to mainspace[edit]

(Please feel free to comment on these!)
None at the moment...'

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