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Amateur radio[edit]

Most of my contributions have been in articles related to amateur radio. I am the current principle author of several articles, including Amateur Radio Direction Finding, Contesting, High Speed Telegraphy, and Radiosport. The article on Amateur Radio Direction Finding was approved as a Wikipedia Featured Article in January, 2006. I have also created, or worked on, several other related articles, such as the article on the amateur radio license, the amateur radio operator, and the amateur radio station. I probably should contribute more to the development of the main amateur radio article, but it's such a daunting project with the shape it's in now.


I also enjoy contributing to articles on Texas geography. While none of my contributions have really been in-depth, I've improved the basic information contained in several articles, and contributed photos under GFDL taken during my travels. I created the articles on most of the reservoirs in south, central, and west Texas, I created or improved the articles on the barrier islands of the Texas Gulf coast, and I have added to the articles about Big Bend and the Chisos Mountains.

The Harker name[edit]

I have taken an interest in documenting places and people with the Harker name. There are not very many of them. As far as I know, I am not related to the namesakes for these places, but finding that out has been one of the reasons I took an interest in them in the first place.

Other interests[edit]

Some other articles I have contibuted to include articles on orienteering. I have been an active orienteer for about six years. I have been a transportation cyclist for most of the past fifteen years, but I hesitate to get involved in editing the cycling-related articles on Wikipedia - so many of them are written from an advocate's point of view that it will be difficult for the brave soul who decides to try to improve them. I am also a œnophile, and have started to make a few contributions to articles about wine.