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Good Article Reviews
GA Reviews

About my reviews[edit]

I think the Good Article project is one of the best initiatives on Wikipedia, so regardless of the outcome of a review, know that I think you're awesome just for working to bring an article to this point.

In reviews, I try to stick strictly to the criteria and treat the essay What the Good Article Criteria Are Not as a Bible. If I have additional suggestions, I'll try to make clear they're not needed for GA status. I pass about 75% of the articles I review. Out of those that I don't list, the most common reason is that the nominator doesn't return within a week to address the issues involved. I almost always do some minor copyediting for a review, but if I find myself correcting a number of misspellings and grammatical errors, I'll usually send the article back for more work before renomination or put it on hold for a week to see if another copyeditor can be found. If you ever have a question and want me to get back involved on an article I've reviewed, feel free to ping me.

Good Article reviews[edit]



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In progress[edit]

To start

Quickfail log[edit]

In addition to my full reviews, in late 2013 I began patrolling new nominations for obvious quickfails (outstanding cleanup tags, driveby nominations of unprepared work, etc.). I list these separately to avoid distorting my review total and pass-fail rate.