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I currently live in Berkeley, California, where I grew up. Politically/philosophically, I am primarily libertarian.

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  • AIM handle: Khym Chanur
  • ICQ number: 132152059
  • XMPP handle:

Wikipedia articles of Interest[edit]

  • The whole Sollog kerfuffle is rather amusing, especially the talk page, where Sollog and/or his supporters engaged in edit wars, accused Wikipedians of hate-crimes, threatened lawsuits, and claimed that a court has ordered the article to be deleted (by a "court" which is part of Sollog's religious organization). I'm soooo tempted to poke Sollog with a pointy stick to get him to personally threaten me with a lawsuit, but that would be rather immature.
I did poke a user claiming to be Sollog (User:Sollog), but the consensus is that it's a regullar Wikipedian pretending to be Sollog, so I'm just playing along...

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