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I'm not sure what goes here, so I figured I'll just say hello so it at least isn't blank.

Yes, I am the same KiTA that posts on Penny Arcade, 4chan, GUcomics, Slashdot, and a host of other Internet boards.

My Wikipedia claim to fame is creating the Hadaka Apron entry, when I was still using dialup at my current ISP.

I am currently working on an article for a manga I've fallen in love with, Translucent by Kazuhiro Okamoto. In addition, I'm trying to keep the peace with the Spore (video game) articles, including helping diffuse (some would say "cause") an Edit War.

Recently returned to Wikipedia to edit JuJube's stuff after he passed away. May you rest in peace in a paradise filled with all your creations, Blankpage. I will see you someday on the other side, and I hope you forgive me for not being a good friend when I still could be.


-KiTA, 03/04/10