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91.8 The Fan
Type of site
News, Anime
Available in English
Owner Sandstorm Communications, Inc.
Created by Matthew Eis
Slogan(s) Everything you want to hear, nothing you don't.
Commercial Yes
Registration Free
Launched January 1, 2009
Current status Active

91.8 The Fan[edit]

91.8TheFan, occasionally shortened to 91.8 or The Fan, is an internet radio website that focuses on the anime and video game industries. The website offers 24/7 live DJs, recaps of pertinent anime news on weekdays via their iStalk videos, internet forums for user interaction, and reviews of anime and video games. Their mission statement is as follows: "91.8 The Fan exists to provide contemporary style radio for anime and manga fans. 91.8 is not an automated playlist, and instead functions as a 24/7 live radio station with DJs, interviews, and contests. It promotes legal ways to consume the media via free releases, online releases, and more."

Origins and Operation[edit]

The website was originally planned and developed by Matthew Eis, who uses the pseudonym "Sandgolem", back in mid 2007, and today holds a staff of twenty people. Matthew's current roles include guest coordination, and event planning. The website was co-founded by Jackelyn Lee Payne (A.K.A. Kanashimi), and Zachary MacDonald (Kibs), who's joint roles as co-owners include website administration, graphic design, and staff organization.


91.8 The Fan's daily programming is broken into five 4-hour DJ shifts, and two 2-hour DJ shifts. During these shifts you will often hear anime news, interviews with anime industry voice actors and professionals, reviews on anime and manga, and the occasional "round table", where many of the site's staff join together to talk about, and give their opinions on, topics that are generally of a higher value to the anime community. The main talk-show, titled "Kana's Korner", which runs from 12PM to 4PM PST], is where all of the stations interviews are held.