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Ericsson R290
Compatible networks GSM 900/1800, Globalstar
Dimensions 162 x 62 x 39 mm
Weight 256 g
Display Monochrome bitmap

The Ericsson R290 is a combined GSM and satellite phone using the Globalstar satellite network. It was made in the United Kingdom by Swedish company Ericsson. It survived the corporate change from Ericsson to SonyEricsson (when many of Ericsson's other phones were redesigned), being the only combined GSM and satellite phone in their range.

The Globalstar antenna is foldable with the same length as the body of the telephone, which comes in a blue and black case in a style visually similar to other Ericsson phones of its period, and with limited Gore-Tex weatherproofing, similar to that used in the Ericsson R310s although less extensive.

It is somewhat larger than pure GSM phones — at 162 mm x 62 mm x 39 mm and a weight of 256 g, and has relatively brief battery life compared with pure GSM phones of its generation. Because it uses a non-standard battery voltage, its charging connector is not one of the types commonly seen on other Ericsson handsets.


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