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Dylan James John Dyck, better known by his username Killswitch Engage, is a Canadian Wikipedian currently busy with WWE, TNA and music articles. He was known to be brash, and somewhat cocky in his early day, but smoothed out and became a contributing user.


Dylan joined Wikipedia in October of 2005, and immediatly got into several disputes with other editors. Many users considered him childish, and ignored him, or implored him to change his ways. Dylan began editing pages seriously, and has gained small respect from his peers.

Finishing and Signature Moves[edit]

  • The Warning (Warning a user to stop vandalising pages)
  • The Last Chance (Giving a user one last chance before blocking)
  • The Block (Requesting a block on a user)

Favourite Quotes[edit]

  • "Do not pity the dead, pity the living, and those who live without love"-Albus Dumbledore

Current Work[edit]

Mostly wrestling related articles, with some NHL articles. Most notably attempting to fight the crappy new style that has taken over Puro-Reso articles, insulting peoples intelligence with its minute explanations. He used to be a member of Wikipedia Pro Wrestling, but decided that the project has become a total joke. He has recently joined WP: Songs in an effort to help the project improve and help level music related articles to FA.

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