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Barnstar Awards[edit]

I award you this Photographer's barnstar for all your excellent and unusual images of ocean life. — Solipsist 4 July 2005 13:50 (UTC)

For your excellent and unusual images such as this icefish from antarctica, compound eye of Antarctic krill, tomopterus and feast of other plankton, I award you the photographer's barnstar. Oceanographic subjects on Wikipedia would be impoverished without your contributions. -- Solipsist 4 July 2005 13:50 (UTC)


Krill compound eye[edit]


Graphic Designer's Barnstar
I, M@rēino, award this Graphic Designer's Barnstar to Kils for ice-edge and phytoplankton from NASA satellite images composed. Funky colors that actually deliver understandable scientific data -- awesome.

Iceedge Antarctica[edit]


I award you with the Starfish Barnstar for your fine cooperation onbenthic articles (Sango123)

How's this image? Sango123 14:57, July 14, 2005 (UTC)


krill on mainpage in Danmark today[edit]

Hi Uwe! I better point out that my edits on Antarctic krill as a matter of fact was just of the menial copyedit kind. I am really not very knowledgeable about oceanography. I must say that I can't find Antarctic krill on da:Forside; however, I see that the article will be on the main page tomorrow. Congratulations on that one, the Antarctic krills and you sure deserve it!

Moreover, I (a Swede) will most likely make many silly mistakes if I try to translate to Norwegian, even if I read it fluently. With caution, I might be able to help out with a paragraph or two, though. I'll see what time I'll get to spare.

Regards. Salleman 16:13, 16 July 2005 (UTC)

Salmon larvae hatching Featured picture[edit]

An image created by you has been promoted to featured picture status
Your image, Image:Salmonlarvakils.jpg, was nominated on Featured picture, gained a consensus of support 19 / 0, and has been promoted. Thank you for your contribution! howcheng {chat} 18:15, 29 September 2006 (UTC)

Salmon larvae hatching Picture of the day[edit]

This is to let you know the Featured Picture you uploaded and/or nominated Image:Salmonlarvakils.jpg is scheduled to be Picture of the day on January 4, 2007, when it will be featured on the Main Page. Congratulations! howcheng {chat} 17:20, 5 December 2006 (UTC)

Amphipod from Antarctica 14 supports Featured Picture[edit]

transparent head of Antarctic Krill with large facetted eyes, nerves running into the antennae, filtering basket, mouth, gastric mill, gut, chromatophores[edit]

Transparent larvae of Atlantic Herring length 38 mm, visible are the otoliths, the gut, the silvery swimbladder and the heart.[edit]

Transparent leptocephalus larvae of an eel - visible is the brain, the myomers. The gut is only at the ventral side a thin line of cells, not functioning - nobody knows how they get energy for growth and their incredibly long migrations[edit]

Antarctic krill
Antarctic krill

  • Salmon larvae: picture of the day July 11 2006 [[1]]

My name is Professor Uwe Kils. I am Ocean Photographer, have degrees in brick laying, violin building, informatics, computer sciences, biology, fisheries biology, marine biology and micro engineering, so I better know, what I have in front of my lens. Many cameras I built myself.

email: kilsuwe(at) (in repair)


facebook son son ole kils los angeles marine engineer 24937 flensburg germany ballastbruecke 5 161 south concord terrace nj 08205 usa 001 609 748 9693 0049(0)1625153616 (in repair) 0049(0)01791866385

My most beloved server, online from the first days of the WEB from my NeXT computer (donated from d'ART) - the first image is in 3D - click on "teacher", "virtual microscope" or "space" and land directly under the iceberg in Antarctica.

I am from Scandinavian roots, in love with Norge, live sometimes in the USA.

The Visual Side of Wikipedia Fernanda B. Viégas Visual Communication Lab, IBM Research

115 citations, one in Nature by Travelpiece, Siegel.

In happy hours with bright students on board of my floating laboratory ATOLL during class on in situ optics in planktology.


my EPOXY Tornado "Oblomow"[edit]

my 85 year old oak Sailing Cutter with an underwater window "Kleine Freiheit"[edit]

Knowledge dissemination[edit]

Our works were cited in NATURE magazine: ^ Loeb, V., Siegel, V., Holm-Hansen, O., Hewitt, R., Fraser, W., et al. (1997). "Effects of sea-ice extent and krill or salp dominance on the Antarctic food web". Nature 387: 897–900 (England) and SCIENCE magazine (USA) and POLAR BIOLOGY (Germany)

Some article contributions I started[edit]

in German[edit]

Artikel Krill (auch in Spanisch, Polnisch, Schwedisch, Norwegisch, Dänisch und Englisch bis jetzt)

Artikel Plankton

Artikel Meganyctiphanes norvegica

Artikel Eisberg

Artikel Eisfisch

Artikel Albatros

Bilder Pinguin

Bild auf Fische

Artikel "Aal Geschichte"

in English[edit]

contribution krill Euphausia superba (also in Spanish, Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and German so far) featured article

contribution plankton

contribution Meganyctiphanes norvegica

contribution copepod

contribution iceberg

image black seabass

article icefish

contribution Eel story

image penguin jumping

images albatross

images on fish

after ice work in Helly-Hansen survival suits

Here is what I am most proud of and put most of my time in


short Wikipedia endorsement on user:kils/endorsement