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As a result of Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Kils, the following sanction has been placed on User:Kils. This page may not be deleted per user request.

  1. User:Kils is restricted to using a single account of his choice. User:Kils is directed to edit only as User:Kils. He is not permitted to edit using any other account, nor without using an account (i.e., without logging in). Should he accidentally edit as an IP, he must immediately log in and correct the mistake.
  2. Any editing by students or secretaries from his computer or office or otherwise under his control is considered editing by him. He is assumed to be in control of the activities in his domain, and is responsible for them.
  3. Kils as well as students and secretaries (under his control) should avoid editing Uwe Kils, and any Wikipedia articles about any of Kils projects, institutes or businesses, except to remove material potentially defamatory to a living person or to revert obvious vandalism. The users may however make suggestions via talk pages.
  4. Kils as well as students and secretaries should avoid participating in any article for deletion discussion related to the above articles, but may make comments on the talk page, for instance, to suggest additional sources.
  5. Any editing by other parties is to be done via their own accounts. Kils is not to share any accounts with anybody else.
  6. The spirit of these restrictions is that Kils will follow best practices of WP:SOCK and WP:COI.