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Kim Tassinari got one of her first acting jobs playing Lady Macbeth on a small, intimate stage in North Hollywood. Tassinari is a former medical doctor with almost no experience as an actor. She got the part of Lady Macbeth because she blew away the director of the play and forced herself into the cast. Many critics were perplexed by her extraordinary skill as an actor since she has almost no formal training.

Personal Life and Career[edit]

Kim Tassinari studied premed, however, and eventually entered medical school after earning an undergraduate degree.Kim Tassinari earned her medical degree and worked for two years with a nonprofit in the Congo, helping treat victims of violence and disease in the oft-troubled country.She came back with a husband and a bad case of malaria, which kept her bedridden for months after she came back to the United States. When she recovered, she finished her medical degree and started her residency in a Santa Monica hospital.

The group of doctors helped Kim Tassinari get up after she completed her residency and practiced in her North Hollywood office for fifteen years. When she finally decided to retire, she decided that she wanted to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an actor after all.

She has landed roles in small theater productions with a theater company and starred in several local television advertisements. The sky’s the limit for her as she builds on her professional experience as an actor.

Business Credentials and Certification[edit]

Kim Tassinari is member of EMDR INTL ASSOCIATION and American Counseling Association.


  • Reading
  • Music
  • Family time
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Tennis
  • Riding horses
  • Spend a lot of time helping the elderly COPE with fears