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Vince Navarro
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Good Morning![edit]

Hi there! My name is Vince. I am a graphic designer from Tampa, Florida. I'm your average nerd and I love reading about everything. I believe the internet is a wonderful resource for information when served as an aggregate with a grain of salt. I hope during my time on Wikipedia I can provide a return service to the community with my vandalism reversions, minor typo edits, and technical copy editing on niche articles. Occasionally I'll catch a grammatical edit or two, but let's face it, I'm a liberal arts major. ;)

Hey Vince! You're doing it wrong![edit]

I'm a big proponent of WP:BOLD so I'm bound to make a mistake. Please let me know!


Good god, some of the pages on Wikipedia deserve more than a {{huh}} or {{what}}! Therefore, I propose that {{WTF}} be changed to redirected to WP:Clarify. ;)

Example usage as seen on Herzog & de Meuron: HdeM's commitment of articulation through materiality is a common thread through all their projects.[WTF]

Public Console[edit]

Probably half of my edits come from public consoles. From time to time I see an IP address I may have been associated with do edits without me logged in. With the exception of reverting vandalism on this Nerdcore Hip Hop article, I would like to say I have nothing to do with edits I was not logged in for.