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Hello, I'm Jakob. I've edited Wikipedia from an account about 3 years now (I spent my first months with the account King jakob c), but before that I made a few IP edits. I've made 22,000 edits here and over 42,000 to Wikimedia projects.

I strongly believe that Wikipedia should always avoid political advocacy. Individual editors expressing political opinions outside of mainspace is okay with me, but the readers shouldn't be bombarded with it. I'm also a strong inclusionist. This project is supposed to be the sum of all human knowledge, there's no rational reason to artificially limit its potential.

I have been an admin here since March 30, 2015. I'm a content admin who spends far more time writing articles than admining, but I still do admin work, mainly in UAA and CSD. My first RFA in December 2013 failed (7/9/7), but my second one in March 2015 passed (79/11/5). I'm also an inactive admin on Wikidata.

For Wikipedia-related communication, I prefer my talk page, but I also have email enabled.

The above icons were shamelessly stolen from User:Cyclonebiskit/icons.
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