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Kingbotk Plugin for AWB


General information about the Kingbotk Plugin and directions for installation.


Discuss the application and ask questions.

User guide

What the plugin does, how it works, and why you should use it.


The plugin works inside AWB and is shipped with that tool.

Generic WikiProject templates · WikiFunctions2.dll · AWB Plugins · AWB Sandbox

This is the user guide for my AWB WikiProject templating plugin. Please note that "the plugin" is really a set of plugins in one DLL - one plugin per WikiProject template, and a plugin manager which interracts with AWB.

Downloading and installing[edit]

  1. Download AWB and extract the zipfile to a folder of your choice.
  2. Move or copy the file "Kingbotk AWB Plugin.dll" from the Plugins subfolder into the top AWB folder (the same folder as "AutoWikiBrowser.exe").
  3. Add User:Kingbotk/Plugin to your watchlist and sign onto the mailing list so you can get updates.
  4. Start AWB as normal.
  5. You will now have several new menu items:
    • Plugins menu. This contains a list of the plugins which are available - just click the plugin name to enable it. Be careful to select only one plugin at a time unless you really do want to tag talk pages on behalf of more than one WikiProject at a time (e.g. tagging military biographies with both {{WikiProject Biography}} and {{WikiProject Military history}}).
    • "Kingbotk Plugin" submenu under Plugins. This contains general configuration for the plugin manager and other options which relate to all of the individual templating plugins.
    • "Show settings tab" under General. Select this to hide all settings tabs. (But enable a plugin first!)
    • New items under the Help menu.


Kingbotk plugin manager tab.png

You do not have to follow these steps in this order, just do all of them before clicking Start:

  1. Turn off all AWB features such as "auto-tag", "skip empty pages" etc.
  2. Optionally, set the AWB edit summary (make it very short, as the plugin will append its own edit summary)
  3. Turn on the plugin(s) for the WikiProject template(s) you wish to add
  4. You'll now have a number of additional tabs on the main console, to the right of the "(3) Start" tab, as per the first screenshot
  5. In the template plugin tabs, select the parameters you want to add or change
  6. Click the plugin tab. If and only if you are working through a category and/or its subcategories, enter the category name in the box provided. This will be added to the edit summary.
  7. Click Plugins\Kingbotk Plugin\Logging and select your options. I recommend turning on verbose logging and logging problematic pages (bad tags), and logging to either wiki format (if you want to upload to wiki) or XHTML for viewing in a web browser. You can select both or neither, if you prefer.
  8. If you're done with your settings you can now uncheck General\Show settings tabs and all tabs apart from the Plugin tab will disappear.
  9. Save your settings so you can use them again. The plugin settings get saved too.
  10. Build your article list (and save it to file if large)

For generic templates, see here.


Hold your breath and click Start.

  • The plugin displays article statistics (leeched from AWB) and keeps a running count of how many articles it has tagged, how many it has skipped, how many were new pages, how long the tagging process has been running, how many pages have been successfully saved, and the number of seconds per successful save.
  • The plugin can recognise incorrectly formatted ("bad") templates; it does this by first searching for valid templates (and trapping any strangeness) and then running a "second chance" expression to search for any invalid instances which have been missed. These can be optionally logged and the list uploaded onto wiki so that the offending templates can be manually edited.
  • If you want to do other work with AWB, just disable the plugins using the Plugin menu. There's no need to uninstall the .dll file.
  • Use this software wisely and please report any issues or bugs.

Wikipedia Assessments[edit]

  • Install and configure the plugin as above
  • Build a list of articles for review (mainspace articles only)
  • Check-mark the assess box on the plugin tab
  • Click "start the process". The first page will be loaded.
  • Click ignore after viewing article and the talk page will be loaded
  • Make your assessment and click Ok to save it, or Skip to make no assessment.

Configuring and using Generic WikiProject templates[edit]