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Tryfon Gavriel, Also known as Kingscrusher.

Tryfon Gavriel is a British chess-player. His titles include FIDE Candidate Master (CM)& British Regional Master. University - Gavriel studied computing in business and obtained a 2:1 honours degree. His Youtube channel has had over 25 million views and he is widely considered one of the best online chess commentators. Gavriel's knowledge and passion for the game of chess have helped educate and inspire chess players from all over the world.


Gavriel has written numerous chess articles for Barnet chess club online including middlegame papers on tactics and positional play. Gavriel has defeated International masters in Over-The-Board chess and numerous GMs and IMs in online blitz chess.

Gavriel OTB games as a playlist: [PlayList 1] [PlayList 2]

Gavriel is a titled British "Regional Master" - qualifying by being over ECF 180 at "A" class grade for two consecutive years. Gavriel has a FIDE rating currently around 2150 and played in the main British Chess Championship twice, scoring 4.5 and 5 respectively out of 11. Gavriel achieved FIDE "Candidate Master" (CM), after being 2200 on published lists between 1992 and 1995.

Chess Videos[edit]

Various video annotation grouping pages created by Gavriel are listed below.

Evolution of style

Candidate move system

Learn from Kasparov

Learn from Fischer

Pawn structures

Live commentaries

Opening Traps



Instructive Games

Gavriel-"As well as watching my videos, you may also like to try correspondence style chess with a web interface. You can do so at This has a "Videos" menu with the above links and more".

Gavriel- "I also do a popular youtube channel at - where I am currently trying to do a regular series of instructive games. I sometimes post links to those video annotations on the relevant games here. Please use the "Subscribe" button on my channel to keep notified of new ones".

Chess Career Highlights[edit]

Gavriel - "I'm not named Kingscrusher for nothing. I learned chess at the age of 5 and have been addicted ever since. It was through watching my father playing against my brother that I picked up the game. My other hobbies include watching the latest films, computing, going out, seeing friends and watching TV"

Gavriel - "Apparently Lenox Lewis lives near me and he has an interest in chess as well as being a great boxer."

Gavriel - "The answer to life, the universe and everything was 42 according to 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' but maybe for chess players it should be 64".

When I was nearly 18, I managed to win the UK LLoyds Bank Under 18 Championship! In later years I attained a FIDE rating through the Lloyds Bank Masters tournaments and through other tournaments such as Surrey and all-play-alls organised through Adam Raoof. Current FIDE rating 2177. My ECF grade has fluctuated over the years and is currently about 185. I play Board 1 for both Barnet and Muswell Hill chess clubs. My full chess CV can be found here:-

In 2008, I finally qualified for the British Chess Championship by coming equal 2nd at the Southend Open tournament with a performance of ECF 206.

"My life advice is: have fun and enjoy life to the maximum! - I hope that helps in this goal! :-))))"- Gavriel