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Kingturtle (talk · contribs · blocks · protections · deletions · page moves · rights · RfA)

Kingturtle's Awards - Kingturtle's RfA !votes
I am Kingturtle on MetaWiki - I am Kingturtle on Uncyclopedia - my screenname is 亀王/kame Ō in Japanese.

Current intro

In my 8+ years with Wikipedia I have participated in many ways, but my gradual focus on maintenance and vandal-fighting led me away from the topics that brought me here in the first place: Afghanistan, baseball, birds, and event calendars (four things that appear disparate, but explain very much who I am). Now it is time for me to get back to article writing, and I am in the throes of my PhD program.

In April 2009 I cut my watchlist from ~2900 to ~750. I ceased my membership from a number of WikiProjects (namely Afghanistan, Baseball, Birds, and Days of the Year). I stopped patrolling the LGBT Watchlist, and stopped assisting with Article Rescue Squadron and the New Page Patrol. I also stopped updating Wikipedia:Recent changes article requests and tracking down useful public domain images. I honestly enjoyed helping Wikipedia in these ways, but my PhD program must take priority, and second to that I'd like to focus on writing and editing articles that I find important. It won't be forever. I'll get back to those other tasks again someday.

I will certainly continue to address vandals I encounter.

Send me a note some time to say hello. Kingturtle (talk) 16:02, 7 July 2010 (UTC)

Old Intro

I discovered Wikipedia the evening of February 27, 2003 while searching for information on the internet to fatten a lecture I was writing on prohibition for my U.S. History class (I was a high school teacher at the time; I am now getting my PhD in education). By discovery I mean, I had come across Wikipedia a few times while doing Google searches, but it was that night that I took a closer look and realized what it really was. The discovery of Wikipedia matched love-at-first-sight. For years, I've been collecting old almanacs and encyclopedia. I bandied about different ideas regarding sharing and documenting the information revealed in these discarded sources, but Wikipedia was by far the best idea out there. I had also been working on a system within Word Docs to compile Afghan history. That system was cumbersome, and clunky. To stumble on a thriving community devoted to sharing information gave me a tremendous thrill and a curious sense of relief. Thank heavens you're all out there!


  • "A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way." Mark Twain
  • "Develop your legitimate strangeness." - Rene Char
  • "People think it's a cluster of junk. I see it as a cluster of possibilities. Each object gives a direction; each is a line picked up here and there - indeed, gleaned - and which become my paintings. The aim of art is to tidy up one's inner and exterior worlds." - Louis Pons discussing his paintings, but I think it applies to our work here at Wikipedia.
  • "There is such a thing as a free lunch. You just have to offer it." - Kingturtle
  • "I long to accomplish some great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble." - Helen Keller
  • "Foreigners, because they never have enough words to express their ideas, often invent remarkable new modes of expression. Poets are all foreigners." - Denis Diderot
  • "Me fail English? That's unpossible." - Ralph Wiggum
  • "I'm not here for rage; I'm here for revenge!" - George Costanza
  • "Maintaining one's own dignity hangs on maintaining the dignity of others." Kingturtle
  • "Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing" - Theodore Roosevelt

Through 21 April 2009 I have created 725+ articles and 1070+ redirects.

Articles I've contributed to substantially

Articles I've started

Regarding Afghanistan

Timeline of Afghan history (and all the sub-links) - International Security Assistance Force - North Zone of Afghanistan - Taliban members - Afghan National Army - Badar - Orfeo Bartolini - Haji Bashar - BearingPoint - Benazir Bhutto - Dasht-i-Leili massacre - International Resources Group - Jaghalkani-i-Takhta Pul massacres - Displaced person - Abdullah Gan - Haji Gilani - Durand line - Viktor Karpukhin - Zalmay Khalilzad - Juma Khan - List of Afghan Transitional Administration personnel - Juma Mohammad Mohammadi - Zacarias Moussaoui - Ricardo Munguia - Operation Blessing International - Mohammed Qalamuddin - Mohammad Rabbani - Ahmed Ressam - Mullah Salam - Vice and Virtue Ministry - Albert Wohlstetter - Haji Mohammed Zaher - Ishaq Shahryar - Ali Ahmad Jalali - Yusuf Nooristani - Anwar ul-Haq Ahadi - Telephone Systems International - Afghan Wireless Communication Company - Heather Mercer - Sediq Afghan - Richard Green (soldier) - John Vines - Bacha Khan Zadran - Women's Edge - Afghan Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Program - Hedayat Arsala - Syed Ishay Ghalani - Operation Haven Denial - Faryadi Sarwar Zardad - Operation Warrior Sweep - AINA (organization) - OMAR Mine Museum - Zabul Province - Gul Agha Sherzai - Operation Mountain Viper - Provincial reconstruction team - Camp Julien - Civil-Military Co-operation - Operation Avalanche (Afghanistan) - 2003 Loya jirga - Hezb-e Jomhorikhahan - Comprehensive Disabled Afghans Program - Operation Headstrong - 100 Classrooms program - Operation Mountain Resolve - Kuchis - Kabul Soccer Club - Kabul University - The Afghan Women - Abdul Ahad Mohmand - Muhammad Ismail Agha - Asadullah Abdul Rahman - Afghanistan Meteorological Authority - Kabul-Kandahar highway - Daikondi Province - Panjshir Province - Economic Cooperation Organization - Abdullah Shah - Sayed Nabi Siddiqui - William Umbach - Reza Khan (Taliban) - Afghan New Beginnings Programme - Brent Bennett - Jamal Naseer - Afghan Special Narcotics Force - Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan - Six-plus-two nations - Alfredo Witschi-Cestari - Mohammad Saleheen - Radio Shariat - Istalif - Norbert Holl - Growler (vehicle)

Regarding baseball, board games, and sports

Bill Buckner - List of lifetime home run leaders through history - Triple crown (baseball) - List of Major League Baseball players - List of highest paid baseball players - Rafael Palmeiro - Bobby Bonds - 30-30 club - List of Major League Baseball franchise post-season droughts - Major League Baseball titles streaks - Major League Baseball titles leaders - Hitting streak - Wahconah Park - Major League Baseball attendance records - Ray Chapman - Major League Baseball home run milestones - List of Major League Baseball principal owners - List of Major League Baseball stadiums - List of Major League Baseball retired numbers - Jack Beckley - List of most experienced baseball players never to play in a World Series - U.S. cities with teams from four major sports - Pete Franklin - List of National Football League franchise post-season droughts - List of NBA franchise post-season droughts - Jon Rauch - Yankee Clipper - Nelson Doubleday Jr. - List of Major League Baseball players suspended for performance-enhancing drugs - Beetle Cat - Rosie Bonds - George Sisler, Jr. - Johnny Berger - Doug Clarey - Astyanax Douglass - Valmy Thomas - Carl Spongberg - Bob Harris (baseball) - Armando Marsans - Rafael Almeida - Jake Gettman - Jeff Bronkey - Tillie Shafer - 1890 Rochester Broncos season - Big Jeff Pfeffer - John Fitzgerald (baseball) - Bob Miller (19th-century pitcher) - Leo Smith (baseball) - Dan Burke - Jim Field - Dave McKeough - Ted Scheffler - Marr Phillips - Major League Baseball All-Star Game venues - Runs produced - Wikipedia:WikiProject Baseball/Team abbreviations - List of World Series starting pitchers - London Cabbie - Gnip Gnop - Template:Monthsbaseball - Pittsfield Electrics (Canadian-American League) - Multiple major sports championship seasons - List of most experienced baseball managers never to manage in a World Series

Regarding birds and nature (and toxonomy-related topics)

List of birds of Santa Cruz County, California - Pied-billed Grebe - Clark's Grebe - American White Pelican - Brown Pelican - Brandt's Cormorant - Double-crested Cormorant - Pelagic Cormorant - American Bittern - Mei (dinosaur) - Monkey - Neltje Blanchan - Avian Brain Nomenclature Consortium - Huayna Picchu - Temple of the Moon - Lake Buel - Great pond - Common Shiner - Scirpus fluviatilis - Pontederia cordata - Carex stricta - Sparganium eurycarpum - Cirsium discolor - Spiraea latifolia - Geum laciniatum - Ranunculus longirostris - Macrophyte - Bosmina - Potamogeton amplifolius - Potamogeton illinoesis - Potamogeton robbinsii - Potamogeton praelongus - Abortive flower - John Noble Wilford - Harriet Hemenway

Regarding health, psychology, math and science

Spina bifida - Arnold-Chiari malformation - Hydrocephalus - Neural tube - Shunt (medical) - Paul Petard (botanist) - Comprehensive health insurance (Maine) - Temik - Rychard Bouwens - Isosorbide dinitrate/hydralazine - Aggregate data - Chained dollars - Decathexis - Chickenpox party - Flux transfer event - LEBU

Regarding history, government, business, geography, religion, scholarship and current events

Albert Wohlstetter - United States casualties of war - Wilfred Burchett - List of civil wars - Iraqi no-fly zones - Bernard Dowiyogo - Rick Santorum - Declaration of Windhoek - World Press Freedom Day - Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf - Securities and Exchange Commission appointees - James M. Landis - Charles Thomson - Transylvania (colony) - James Stockdale - UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador - Kim Phuc Phan Thi - Nathanael Greene - Aspasia - Servilius Casca - John Carver - Harriet Acland - Paul O'Neill - Gong Shengliang - Rafael E. Martinez - David Ahenakew - Billboard (advertising) - War Crimes Law (Belgium) - Iraqi dinar - Casey Jones - CARE (relief) - 10-in-1 food parcel - Irvin McDowell - Alain-René Lesage - Baghdad zoo - SAGEM Sperwer - Miantonomoh - List of United States Presidents by military rank - Operation Enduring Freedom - Philippines - Eurocorps - Hazel Carter - Anton Dostler - List of current monarchs - Nicaraguan Institute of Natural Resources and the Environment - List of United States Presidential assassination attempts - List of people granted honorary French citizenship during the French Revolution - United States Office of Economic Opportunity - Robert A. Lovett - Neil H. McElroy - Thomas S. Gates Jr. - James R. Schlesinger - Harold Brown (Secretary of Defense) - War Cabinet - Presidential Emergency Operations Center - Larry Thompson - Nuclear Risk Reduction Center - Office of Net Assessment - Andrew Marshall (foreign policy strategist) - Operation Orient Express - Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change - Emmet John Hughes - Harvey Matusow - Owen Lattimore - Deterrence theory - Panic of 1907 - Narodnaya Volya - Narodnaja Volya (newspaper) - Harry Fischel - George Opdyke - Abraham Cahan - Abraham Jacobi - Night letter - Salah Khalaf - Operation Red Dog - Beate Sturm - Dalal Mughrabi - Callixte Mbarushimana - Jobs created during U.S. presidential terms - Philadelphia Liberty Medal - List of United States presidential vetoes - Arab Islamic Republic - Herbert Porter - Central Asian Cooperation Organization - Robert Preston (private) - Victor Samuelson - Watergate Seven - Talon News - Curveball (informant) - Children's Environmental Exposure Research Study - Hippolyte Havel - Jennifer Wilbanks - Jerrie Mock - NICE Systems - WorldTeach - United States general elections, 2005 - UN Security Council Resolution 688 - List of UN Security Council Resolutions 1 to 100 (and the associated subpages with the assistance of User:IceKarma) - 1856 Republican National Convention - Michael Taylor - Denny Altes - Mark Rosenker - Clement Eaton - World Assembly of Youth - Michael Froman - Julius Genachowski - Donald Gips - Sonal Shah - Mark Gitenstein - Michael Strautmanis - Cassandra Butts - Melody Barnes - Dan Pfeiffer - Patrick Gaspard - Phil Schiliro - Thomas C. Reeves - Wisconsin Policy Research Institute - Hilary Michael Milko - George C. Mathews - 139th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Diablo Management Group - Center for Cultural Studies at UC Santa Cruz - Américo Paredes Center for Cultural Studies - List of places named for their units of production - I didn't start John William Yettaw, but I did a great deal of work on it - Sonam Lhundrup - Wikipedia:WikiProject Nonviolence - Tyler Clementi

Regarding Wikispace

Template:Merge - Template:WorldCoin - Template:News - Template:UNSCR - Template:Welcomebb - Template:Warningkt - Template:2008Demprimaries - Template:2008Repprimaries - Template:Geek-stub - Template:Monthsbaseball

Regarding entertainment

Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (song) - Eightball (comic book) - List of historical novels - Cocksucker Blues - Ed Wynn - Jim Backus - Theda Bara - The Bugaloos - Bwana Devil - Jenny Lind - List of songs containing overt references to real musicians - List of band theme songs - List of songs about fictitious bands or musicians - Dirty Mac - The Hit Factory - Fania Marinoff - The Rebels (band) - Flower (band) - Maryline Blackburn - Esoteric Agenda

Regarding literature & books & art & architecture

John Louis DiGaetani - Oswald Achenbach - Washington Allston - Wilfrid Mellers - Jerome Ch'en - Thomas Bailey Aldrich - Pitts Sanborn - Little Galleries of the Photo-Secession - Louis Pons - Agegnehu Engida - Abecedarian hymn - Church of the Heavenly Rest - Orus Apollo - Traité des fardemens - Letter to King Henri II - Elizabeth Bauer Mock

Regarding the trivial

Three-letter vowel-less English word - Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx - Mutt and Jeff - Grant Wood - Eddie Arcaro - BVD - Baker Street Irregulars - Believe It Or Not - Jay Berwanger - Bizarro - Burma-Shave - List of people known as father or mother of something - Bob cut - Charles Atlas - Chattanooga Choo Choo - Colo (gorilla) - Countdown - List of notable occupants of the Watergate Hotel - List of fictional humanoid species - J. Reginald Murphy - George Willig - Darrell Winfield - Wingfoot Express - Van Nuys High School - Tinkerbelle - Skycycle X-2 - List of halls and walks of fame - Camp Half Moon - Elba (person)

Regarding WikiBooks

The World Series

Image I've scanned that are in use

Photos I have taken that are in use

Images I've scanned that are not in use

Images I've uploaded from other sources that are in use

Images I've uploaded from other sources that are not in use

Photos I've taken that are not in use

I agree to multi-license all my contributions, with the exception of my user pages, as described below:

Multi-licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License versions 1.0 and 2.0
I agree to multi-license my text contributions, unless otherwise stated, under Wikipedia's copyright terms and the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license version 1.0 and version 2.0. Please be aware that other contributors might not do the same, so if you want to use my contributions under the Creative Commons terms, please check the CC dual-license and Multi-licensing guides.