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Hi! I'm John.

I am a lecturer in the History of Science Department at the University of Oklahoma. My primary Wikipedia interest is teaching students how to evaluate and edit Wikipedia to improve media literacy and the history of science content of Wikipedia. We often work on adding and editing information on notable women and Islamic figures in the STEM fields.

Edit-a-thons organized[edit]

Classes Taught[edit]

My past classes include Summer 2014 History of Science survey, Spring 2014 History of Science survey, Fall 2013 History of Science survey, and Summer 2013 History of Science survey.

Articles I created or greatly expanded[edit]

Articles I have WikiBlitzed[edit]

Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina
Method of Fluxions
Mysterium Cosmographicum
De Motu Antiquorum

Articles I revised or added content to[edit]

Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina
Fermentation Theory
Nergis Mavalvala
List of Female Scientists before the 21st Century
Margaret Bryan Davis
Maria Cunitz
Jens Rud Nielsen

Articles I'm thinking about editing[edit]

William Cullen[1]

Chemical affinity

Joseph Black (Edinburgh Chemist)


  1. ^ Anderson, Robert (2015). Cradle of Chemistry: The Early Years of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.