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About Me[edit]

Newcomer Please be nice and patient with this New Wikipedian.
Feet on scale.jpg This user is on a diet.
OCD This user lives with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
This user wears corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses, without which they'd be as blind as a bat!
BS This user has a Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy.
Sagittarius This user is a Sagittarius.
Nuvola apps bookcase.svg This user loves to read.
Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg This user enjoys scrapbooking.
Oogknipper.gif This user has insomnia.
Right hand.png This user is right-handed.
LacInt This user is Lactose intolerant
AsthmaInhaler.jpg This user has asthma
40.px This user is highly... um... What's that word again?

The Child in Me[edit]

Simbolo konoha.svg This user is a Naruto fan.
Byakugan.svg This user has Byakugan.
ANBU This user is an ANBU.
忍者 This user lives by his/her own Way of The Ninja.
FMA This user believes in The Law of Equivalent Exchange.
HP This user is a Harry Potter fan.
ツバサ This user is constantly looking out for Princess Sakura's memories.
BATMAN This user is a fan of the Batman.
This user watches Avatar: The Last Airbender religiously.
This user is an Earthbender.
This user is a Hokage Flame Master.
遊戯王 This user is prepared to duel.
This user has a Death Note and uses Wikipedia to research names for it.
Asterix.svg This user reads Asterix comics.


Child tongue.jpg This user is a child at heart. They might have grown older, but they'll never grow up.
No smoking symbol.svg
This user does not smoke.
Usdollar100front.jpg + This user, like every other sane person, wants to be paid more.
Man-and-woman-icon.svg This user is straight
but not narrow.
Zeitschriften.JPG This user enjoys reading magazines.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user enjoys singing.
Roman denarius in silver (Maximinus)-transparent.png This user is interested in coin collecting.
1967-Alfa-Romeo-Duetto-Red-Front-Angle-st.jpg This user does not care about driving.
Igloo.png This user prefers cold weather.
Here comes rain again.jpg This user loves rainy days.
Vegemiteontoast large.jpg This user has eaten Vegemite and is thankfully still alive.
Crystal package.png This user needs more userboxes. MORE, I tell you, more!!! Muhahaha!
Fried egg, sunny side up.jpg This user enjoys his/her egg with the sunny side up.
Dolphin-intelligence.jpg This user is a swimmer.
FSM Logo white.svg This user is aware of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Stratocaster detail DSC06937.jpg This user likes alternative rock.


Matrix This user took the red pill, not the blue pill.
Walther P99 9x19mm.png This user always respects
the Departed.
DCAU This user is a fan of the DC Animated Universe.
300 see my friend, this user brought more soldiers than you did.

CSI This user follows the evidence.
LightSabers OrgYel.jpg
This user does own these lightsabers, even though they never appear in the movies. Gwahaha!
DISHWALLA This user loves the band Dishwalla.
Solar eclipse 1999 4 NR.jpg This ordinary user has discovered extraordinary abilities.
Musicfilm.png This user enjoys film scores.
Indies This user is a huge fan of small films.
Linkin park acronym 2007th.png
This user knows that In the End, it doesn't even matter.
LOTR This user loves The Lord of the Rings book series and film trilogy, but not the 1978 animated film.


AU This user speaks Australian English.
Telephone-keypad.svg Ths usr cn rd & rt usn txt lng
its & it’s This user understands the difference between its and it’s. So should you.
OLFU This user attends or attended
Our Lady of Fatima University.
.  The This user puts two spaces after a period.
Ignoranzzia.svg This user pretends ignorance and stupidity for tactical reasons


No smoking symbol.svg Secondhand smoke is one of this user's pet peeves.
respect This user respects others' religions and realises not all people wish to follow the same path.
Recycle001.svg This user supports recycling.
Dome 1.jpg This user believes in the separation of church and state. ReligionSymbolAbr.PNG
"No smoking" sign with text This user supports the ban on smoking in public places.
No gun.jpg This user's safety and liberty are threatened by all firearms.
This user supports protection of the environment.
Pregnant belly button.jpg This user is Pro-Life.
' This user believes it is every citizen's duty to assess every candidate and abstain from voting if none is found fit for office, unless he or she wants to vote anyway.
sar-1 This user does not wish to speak or hear sarcasm, but is resigned to the necessity of at least understanding it in an environment of massive collaboration.
Scale of justice.png This user believes that the death penalty should be used for certain crimes.

Other Media[edit]

Firefox This user prefers Mozilla Firefox.
DELL This user contributes with a computer manufactured by Dell.
EBay logo.svg This user buys and sells on eBay as wiki.
TS Dis gweld es frotogé, en a wooka-dis now!