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I was born in New Zealand in 1954.

I am interested in mathematics, science and certain practical religious topics. That is to say, while I might try to put a case in a discussion (not on Wikipedia!) for what I believe to be true, I would decline to participate in ethereal philosophizing about the whichness of what.

I seek to respect other's right to exist and to be different from me. I also claim the right to think for myself and not to uncritically swallow accepted wisdom. This is not because I wish to disrupt any discussion or to bang a drum for any "-ism" whatsoever. My wish is to find and follow that which is true.

I applaud the efforts of Wikipedia in amassing those true things which fall within the remit of an encyclopaedia, and wish them (us!) every success in their (our!) endeavours. --Kiwi137 01:28, 11 May 2006 (UTC)