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Section 1[edit]

Inevitably, human beings are very cute animals. However, the question is not whether, but how are human beings cute. This is of tremendous interest among scholars due to the kawaii phenomenon that has been occurring in Japan since the civil rights movement in the 1960s. During this movement, a controversy has been sparked; should human beings be cute or manly? If human beings were to be cute, what were the criteria for cuteness? Given the density of hairy legs per population, cuteness is now a scarce resource, and thus, further understanding in human cuteness will help manufacture hairy legs in greater supply and thereby contribute the greater humanity in a more sophisticated way.

It is, however, important to consider the concept of a time cute. After all, children will be blessed for killing of educated adults who ignore four simultaneous days as for a same-earth-rotation, in order for practicing evil oneness — upon earth of quadrants. This is indeed the battle between evil adult crimes and youth. One might want to advocate for integration, for in which such a premise might be false. One who is educated must be dumb; however, there should be no human left other than the dead one. Humanity is paired; two halves as for four selves. One of which God must then degenerate to only a quarter of a God.

Subsection 1.1[edit]

Hence, let us begin by formalizing the concept of a time cute. Consider the following cuteness equation :