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Mythology, medievalia, folklore. Created or contributed to the following articles:

Celtic mythology[edit]


Norse mythology and saga[edit]

Scandinavian folklore and ballads[edit]

Fairy tales[edit]

English romance and balladry[edit]


Japanese cuisine[edit]

Japanese mythology, folklore[edit]

Japanese culture - other[edit]

Translation requests links[edit]

I might take up occasional requests outside my usual area of interest. Looks like the requests get channeled in different places.

Method to discover other lists like this: click on a red link (including the search result "you may create (red link).."), go to toolbox] "What links here". The Wikipedia:Translation page is not very illuminating as to how you go about requesting. Other languages like fr seems to have a nice bureaucractic system in place, that keeps tab on %completion after translating, proofing, etc. phases.

TBD list[edit]