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Mythology, medievalia, folklore. Created or contributed to the following articles:

Celtic mythology[edit]


Norse mythology and saga[edit]

Scandinavian folklore and ballads[edit]

Fairy tales[edit]

English romance and balladry[edit]


Japanese cuisine[edit]

Japanese mythology, folklore[edit]

Japanese culture - other[edit]

  • List of Wazamono - Added Ja link. Dozen or so misreadings fixed (but did not check every name). Changed generation designation such as "shodai" to "I", "nidai" to "II", Shonidai to "I and II", as seems to be done in katana literature, in keeping with kabuki names such as Ichikawa Danjūrō IX. Corrected the counts in each category (14 saijo owazamono and 20 owazamono) as in Ja version.
  • Ministry of Ceremonies = Shikibu-shō - Investigated actual usage of this translated name; bolstered content using additional references. Under hierarchy section, replaced unsourced office/position names "judges, adjudicators" with sourceable names like "secretary".
  • Haruka Takachiho - whimsical edit. Had read the first two from Hakobiya Sam series, and I had the prankish intension of adding Sam's spacecraft, the Mazāfakkā (The "M***F***") to the List of fictional spacecraft.

Translation requests links[edit]

I might take up occasional requests outside my usual area of interest. Looks like the requests get channeled in different places.

Method to discover other lists like this: click on a red link (including the search result "you may create (red link).."), go to toolbox] "What links here". The Wikipedia:Translation page is not very illuminating as to how you go about requesting. Other languages like fr seems to have a nice bureaucractic system in place, that keeps tab on %completion after translating, proofing, etc. phases.

TBD list[edit]